OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Amen to that.
Also OpenXR 250% and target your final resolution in the Toolkit. I’m at 30xx at the moment
Clarity I’be never seen before in my G2.
Remember to disable Sharpness in config file.


Just picked up a G2 on Friday…it’s my first VR experience ever and I’m loving it so far. I also love tweaking to get everything “perfect.”, so I had some serious fun this weekend.

So far, performance has been good…pretty much exactly what I expected. Mostly 30-40 fps with smooth performance. Running a 3080, Ryzen 3700x, 32 GB Ram.

My biggest nitpick right now is overall clarity. I’m getting more blur than I thought I would, especially at a distance and to my peripheries. Again, this is my first ever VR experience so I’m not sure if this is just simply a VR limitation at the moment, or something that can be improved with further tweaking. I also noticed I’m fiddling with the headset quite a bit while in flight in order to improve the clarity. So it could also be a matter of just finding the correct headset adjustment for my head.

Current Toolkit Settings @100% OpenXR and 100% In-game :
FSR: 85%
Sharpening: 100% (I find this at max helps eliminate some of the blur, but I’m not sure if it’s just placebo?) Also, I haven’t disabled the default sharpening in the .config file…It seems like I should do that?
World Scale: 85%
Hags: ON

OpenXR Toolkit:
NIS, Resolution 80%, Sharpness 35%, Worldscale ~62mm

OpenXR Dev:
Resolution 100%, Motion reprojection Disabled

MSFS \ Graphics \ VR:
Resolution 100%
Mixed medium to high, aa TAA, shadows 768/low/off, anisotropic 8x

MSFS Usercfg \ VR Post processing:
Sharpness 0

NVIDIA driver:
511.65 (Feb, 1, 2022)

Ryzen 3700X @4.3Ghz
GSkill 32GB @3600-CL15 (OC)
Asus X570-E Gaming
Asus RTX 2080 Super OC
Crucial MX500 1TB
W10 Pro DX11

Reverb G2, v.1.

~34fps average, and ~27-28 fps in the more significant busy conditions, happens only incidental IMHO.

Note: will test it again, but was not able to get any better results (FPS, clarity) with FSR, so sticking to NIS

Try these settings, the clarity is amazing.

3080Ti Overclocked +800, +110
i7 7700K, 4,9Ghz Overclocked
32 Ram
Reverb G2
Game mode Off
Nvidia 511.66
Anisotropic Filtering 16x in Nvidia settings, off in sim.

Open XR 250%
Motion Off

FSR 65 (3250x3180)
Sharp 100
World Scale 94

Sharpness in config file Off.
This made a huge difference.

30 fps in flight, 26fps on the ground.
Clouds Ultra, LOD 300, Resolution 100, the rest Ultra except, Trees High, Grass and Bushes Mid, Ambient Occlusion High and Contact Shadows High.

Cool thanks for the tips. I will give these a shot tonight and report back!

I thought I saw something earlier in this thread about Open XR needing to be at 100% for the Toolkit FSR to function properly…but I may just be misremembering.

Consider bringing the lenses closer to your eyes. Search for Frankenfov or Frankenfov Deluxe gaskets mods. Also with time your brain will adapt a bit to the reletively narrow sweet spot of the G2.

You could try this to get an idea what amount of clarity the g2 is capable of. Set both OXR scale 130 and MSFS scale to 130 (config sharpen 1) and disable OXR toolkit. It will not be playable but you can compare to your toolkit experiments.

You dont mention your ingame render scale. I assume its 100?

So i’ve been using the OpenXR toolkit with MR on and while it works and provides increased clarity, i thought id try it with MR off.

It seems to make a much bigger difference with MR off vs on. (I hope that makes sense) I’m going to try and go back to not using MR anymore. I was in the FBW a320 and was blown away to see 40fps. I had my LODS at 65 as that’s what was required to use MR without too many hiccups.

The world scale and prediction dampening are first class additions.

My 3080, Reverb G2, i5 9600, 32gb ram
OXR 100 TAA 100 FSR 80 sharpening 90
Dampening -20%
World scale 90% (aircraft dependent)

Still tweaking things but thanks @mbucchia @CptLucky8 and others for your work on this!


Thanks for the tip…I’ll try that out!

How are you running 250 LOD? I have 3080ti overclocked with 5800x SMT off 4.7 ALL core overclock, 32 GB RAM with Reverb G2. Anything over 150 LOD and I start getting stuttering. With LOD at 150 with your settings I get 35-40 FPS.

Could you please share the MSFS VR settings? I have exactly the specs you have but can not get 40fps in the FBW a320.

I’m using FSR 90, sharpening 100, in-game 60, Open-XR 200. Clarity is incredible on G2.

All settings on high/ultra, and getting 30-32 fps. Motion off.

RTX 3090
32GB Ram

I’m surprised too I can use 250, since 150 seems to be the sweet spot for most. I’ll give that a close look again. One thing I watch is my CPU performance, making sure no logical core ever pegs 100%, for I notice stutters usually coincide when a core does that.

One luxury setting for me is Shadow Maps. I find having crisp cockpit shadows nails down the immersion for me. Another is Volumetric Clouds. Dialing those down increase fps, but I’d rather have the immersive eye candy.

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My usercfg.opt file setting of Sharpen = 0 is being reset to Sharpen = 1. Why would this happen without an update occurring?

Could anyone help me please? I’m a bit confused. Anyone fly the Longitude, could you share your settings including world scale (is that related to IPD in any way? I ask because to the millimeter measurement)? Also, in VR, in the Longitude, the default camera looks like I’m sitting too forward with my nose almost touching the glareshield. If the HUD could come down, it would hit me on the head lol, and the exterior lights buttons look like they’re directly above my head instead of in front.

anyone has adjusted their VR camera for the Longitude, I’d appreciate a share

Pretty much all high. Are your LODS low enough?

I also overclock my CPU to 5ghz.

I flew klax to ksfo tonight and it was just great. I can get you a full run down if you really need it. I have zero tweaks to Nvidia control panel settings. HAGS on. Game mode off.

So here’s an update. I’m now getting 35-40 FPS with 250 LOD, high to ultra, and on 100 dev/100 in game and 90 OxrTool.
I uninstalled Ryzen Master, and overclocked all cores to 4.7 in bios on my 5800x, rather then letting PBO boost to 5.0+. This has shot up my CPU performance massively. This amongst following all the steps in this guy’s Windows 11 gaming optimizing video. [Windows 11 Gaming optimizing]
(Ultimate Windows 11 Gaming Performance Optimization Guide - YouTube)

Here’s a comparison:



The only thing that I’m curious about is my Motion Reprojection. I have to drop OpenXRTool to 80% to get 30FPS with it on. Which is fine, but I saw VRsimGuy’s recent video on youtube aparently getting 30FPS with Motion Reprojection on with 100/100/90. But I’m very happy either way. This 5800X-3080TI combination is incredible. So glad I returned my 6800XT. I’m always chasing performance like the next person, and so I’m looking at 3090 prices dropping on Amazon, it’s making me think about returning my 3080TI for a 3090 while the return window is still valid. My system is definetely using all the 12GB of VRAM is I look on GPU-Z. Anyways…

Is this equivalent to setting SS higher on the Quest 2? When I set mine too high, it looks STUNNING and seems to run smoothly, but then my PC restarts eventually. No idea why.

Not at all, you can set OpenXR to whatever number you want.
The comment refers to people who was using 70%, 80%, etc.
In my case, 250% now.
We’re doing a manual DLSSR, and it works like nothing before. My eyes are so happy with the sim now.