OpenXR update today 109.2111.18007

Anyone know what’s changed or where to find information about the update?

no sorry, but I think I’m seeing a small performance improvement (need to fly some more to be sure)

What I really want is a usable motion projection. I don’t get why more people aren’t voicing against terrible open XR motion projection. When I had my Rift, I used motion projection and it worked pretty well. One artifact here or there if you moved your head quick, but very very usable, even on 18hz.

With Reverb G2 is outright thrash, everything becomes jelly and loss in image definition.

If there is a device that would benefit from motion projection is the G2.


I use MR for ACC, IL2 and DCS and they are almost perfect. Some slight ghosting when a jet zooms past at close range but that needs more than 90Hz to correctly display anyway.

These are with SteamVR MR. I think the issue with the G2 is more with OpenXR MR not the headset itself. Every OpenXR update I hope it’s sorted but clearly not so far (not tested this one).

I actually never used in Steam VR, the games I played there I can hit 90fps. In ACC for some reason MR doesn’t seem to activate or something, I never really understood why. But tomorrow we have DLSS update on ACC, so I’m not even bothering messing with MR now.

Good news for me and presumably other HP G2 users.

With latest preview turned on I can now once again go in and out of VR without problems.

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Where do I update this? Or is it automatically updated?

go to the microsoft store, click library (lower left), updates (upper right)

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Mine automatically updated. I think if you have latest runtime preview ticked it does it auto.

This. I have flown with both CV1 and G2 and G2 reprojection feels like CV1 reprojection from 2017.

This isn’t a new thing WMR. Just copy the best bits from everyone else and you’ll have a killer app.

Yeah mine is already on this latest version , not sure when it updated.

Although I always use latest preview, I had to manually update via ms-store for both win 10 and win 11

Lock at 30fps with v sync on. Runs like a dream. Weird though right… but it works for me. Very little artifacting and mostly fluid.

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Seems the failure to initialize bug is fixed. The motion reprojection wobble on leading surfaces is still there so makes it a no for MR for me. Such a shame as the scenery looks so good when at 90hz. Think I may have a slight fps increase.

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I know for certain that the previous version (108.2111.1005) was causing the CTD issue when toggling VR mode on my system. I was able to cease the CTDs by reverting to the earlier version (107.2109.10010) via a system restore. I will try this new version and report back my findings. Disclaimer: I can only speak for my own system, of course.

UPDATE: I just tried the new version 109.2111.18007. Note, this version is only accessible by using the current update (108.2111.1005) available in the MS Store and turning Preview Mode ON. You should then see the 109.2111.18007 version number displayed in the OpenXR Development Tool’s System Status page. This has fixed my CTDs when I toggle in and out of VR mode. Good news, as now I can run the latest OpenXR runtime.

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when jumping in and out of VR mode, can you make adjustments to the openXR dev tool? I thought I could until I tried to switch on MR in dev tool…
When switching back to VR in MSFS, it crashed. I was able though to alter the slider of custom renderscale without having to restart MSFS on each change… :slight_smile:

Should be no problem making adjustments, just need to give it a few seconds before re-entering VR mode. A crash as you described maybe just been a coincidence. I’ve switched out, made adjustments and back in again about 15 times today with no crashes.

The Oxr Dev tools has flagged the changes that require a restart to WMR (and consequently the Sim). I think there is a little lightning bolt icon next to the applicable settings.

I believe most changes need to be made in the Dev Tool prior to starting the game

Well, well… Steve at VR Flight Sim Guy posted a short video today about the new OXR update with one word on the YouTube thumbnail…" Wow!"…

So I quickly updated my OXR in the MS Store and took a short flight with my Reverb G2 from my usual test setup at Leadville, Colorado at KLXV (a nice 4Simmers payware GA airport) and flew SE into South Park for about a half hour in the steam gauges Bush 172 with motion projection on “automatic” (as Steve suggests) and not only was the flight butter smooth and locked at 30fps but WOW… there was VERY LITTLE tearing or the usual occasional judders I usual see with MP on. Everything on the ground was solidly displayed even at low altitude. No smearing or stutters, and cockpit while turning my head was (gulp)… absolutely fluid. Wow is the right word. Even the prop had very little of the usual tearing.

So I tried a quick flight out of LAX and even though FPS was reduced to 22.5 and there was the occasional stutter here and there, it was pretty dang smooth.

Will test some more later this evening, but whatever they’ve done to the latest Open XR Preview Version it’s WORKING. My rig stats and a few pertinent settings below…

Alienware R11 Desktop
RTX3090 (latest 496.84 hotfix driver with FPS CAPPED in Nvidia Control Panel at 32)
OXR at 70 with Preview ON, MSFS Render Scale at 100
Terrain LOD 100
Objects LOD 100
MSFS Graphics mostly “High” with Clouds at “Ultra”
Game Mode - OFF
WMR Graphics - Best Visual Quality, 90hz, Display Resolution 4320x2160

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