OpenXR Update

I have just updated OpenXR to version 2204 and am experiencing problems in VR with massive screen flickering.

I am using Developer mode (unchanged) and using an HP G2 headset with an RTX 3090 video card. I had no problems with the previous version I was running (2202)

No problems with screen set to PC, However on transferring to VR there is massive flickering and shimmering of the landscape. Less of a problem within the cockpit although it’s still there

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Hi, this update only contains a minor bug fix that only affects behavior when OpenXR is unloaded (so when you exit the sim). I’m a little doubtful that it’s causing your flickering issue.

In the OpenXR Tools for WMR, can you check whether you have enabled “latest preview runtime” or not?


I have it set to ‘On’.

Thanks. Can you try to turn it off and see if you still have flickering? And try back on after that?

I’ve now tried it both of and on and the filckering persists regardless of which setting is chosen.

Ah, fixed it. Turned out when I updated, it switched Jigglew View Rotations on!

Haha OK that makes sense. Thanks for the update, and good to hear your issue is resolved.