Firstly I’d like to show some appreciation for what Asobo have achieved here, what we have is a highly promising sim with bags of potential and it looks absolutely stunning. However, as many have said, I believe the release came too soon, I was part of the alpha and can say I was surprised when they announced the release date as August 18th. As it stands, the main issue for me is the performance and optimization of the airliners, 15-20 fps inside the cockpit of an airliner isn’t good enough, regardless of graphics settings, the fps remains the same. The removal of items from the custom toolbar helps this a little bit, mainly the VFR map, but not much. Of course there are other bugs and issues, I’m not disregarding them, but at the moment, optimization of the airliners is the biggest issue for me, I paid £110 for the premium deluxe version, only to be unable to fly the 787-10 because of poor optimization, which is very disappointing. I just think the release came too soon and more time was needed to give the sim and all aircraft a good polish, I do believe though that in time this sim will fulfill it’s potential. I have faith that this will be the case, keep up the good work Asobo