"optimize for performance" WMR headsets

Hello again.

I have come across something interesting which may or may not be useful to some of you. I have an older wmr headset so i don’t know the effect of this on the G2 but it shouldn’t be different.

If you set the quality setting in the WMR portal settings to “optimize for performance” a really funny thing happens which is actually a bug. What should happen is (among other things), the heuretics should decrease the FOV of the headset as well as the target renderer. However only the FOV decreases for about 10 degrees, while target res stays the same. The result is like a night and day difference in quality (and performance), however it comes with a big price. On my headset i can see the edges of this FOV “filter”. It’s also sorta rectangular so it’s pretty anoying. Also when i move my head it sorta “follows” you around when you move. But if you can tolerate this, the other benefits are actually pretty amazing.

There’s also a thread on reddit about this.