Option to Delay Patching / Mandatory Updates

I was hoping to fly last night but there was a big patch. Sure I want the latest version with all the fixes but the patch was huge, was going to take hours just to download. Ideally that’s something I’d like to postpone & let run overnight. Basically it meant I couldn’t fly yesterday.

For offline flying. I think its possible without huge impact of work;

Preserving social features its require a extendend maintemance efforts adn biger risk for more bugs

They should also provide a roll back point so that those who have issues can undo the problem while a fix is rolled out. If they can do for Windows they can do it for MSFS. All it needs is the user to provide and identify a suitable location. With the current status of recent release it would be prudent to do this.


Have you never played multiplayer-centric games before? There’s no way they would allow some to not upgrade. That would cause way too many problems online.

Most multiplayer games do not have such a feature for a laundry list of reasons.

  • Patches frequently address cheats and exploits, and developers don’t want people with mixed versions of clients on their servers as that would make it nearly impossible to police. While cheating probably isn’t a huge deal in MSFS, there may still be UX considerations that affect other players where you wouldn’t want mixed versions.

  • If patching does anything server-side and it requires the equivalent of a restart of the server daemon it may be impossible to keep people online.

I’d come up with more but I have to run out for a bit. :slight_smile:

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No, I haven’t played multiplayer before and most likely never will. In that case they should get it right before cocking up peoples installations.

They didn’t ■■■■ up many installations. In fact, the last update made MSFS butter smooth for me and every one of my friends.

No company can push an update to fix serious issues that will work flawlessly for all systems. Especially when so many people were running incompatible mods when the update released.

I think this has been understated to an extent. With the developer making numerous, significant under-the-hood changes to the game now, and likely to continue through the medium term, it seems unwise to invest in or even utilize third-party mods. All the changes to the game may break the mods in unpredictable ways, and the mods may break the game in unpredictable ways. I recognize that people are churning out all sorts of goodness from the SDK, but it is just too early in my opinion.

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Yes I agree patches should be installed but what I’m proposing is some way to delay that until I’m done using the sim. Like start patching when I exit the sim instead of when I start it. Or give us the option to delay up to 24 hours & then it becomes mandatory.

Or better yet have the patch download in the background & then be applied. That way my sim isn’t held hostage during the often extended download. And don’t get me started on why does my GPU have to be spooled up during the download but that’s a topic for another wishlist thread.

This game is server-centric. If they patch the servers and it requires sighup or something to reload, everybody is going down.

Because of the ongoing and new issues with patches, I suggest to make an option to downgrade and defer installation of patches. I know that might break mulitplayer and store functionality, so those might be available only to those having the newest version of the game.

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Can you please include the option to delay Mandatory Updates, even if this means the sim can only be used in single player mode to avoid conflict until the update is done. Last update took me the the MS site and errored so the update could not be done. My only 2 options then were to cancel which deleted the sim from my PC or leave the page. either way I couldn’t use the sim and had to revert to making unpleasant radio calls while flying in FSX :slight_smile:

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Don’t think it’s possible. The game DRM needs online authentication, AFAIK.

Also, on offline mode you would lose more than just the multiplayer feature. You would lose Bing’s imagery and photogrammetry, Live Weather, Live Traffic etc.

I agree with Cahzito.

Initially I thought such a thing would be good to have for people that are more bug ridden than I seem to be, but there would be more negatives than positives for it. Especially in bug tracking and support always having to see what version people were on. The already large number of bug possibilities would grow tremendously.

Maybe if it gave an option to delay it a few days, but the last patch would still have to be rolled out before the next could be installed or it would truly break the game.

I plan on now leaving the Sim running and see if it creates any issues after the next patch release if I don’t upload the patch. I’ll only do this in single player so it doesn’t affect others.

Not sure I follow your logic. Maybe you misunderstood but will just say you leaving the sim running to avoid a patch is funny if that’s what you’re saying. You certainly could not cause other’s issues in any way if you did so, so there is no need to fly single player. If you were in multi player and someone rebooted to get the latest patch then if there was a conflict the software would simply make you invisible to your multi pals when they reconnected, though it’s not 100% that they wouldn’t see you.

The plethora of issues one would have in leaving the sim running for days on end to avoid a patch would be super funny since it would be horrid compared to any issues brought on by a patch of any kind. My system is a beast of a machine, but window’s resources and memory still needs to be flushed now and then to make the simming smooth (or any game ever created).

Lastly, let’s not rule out hot fixes. I’ve never read any mention of them but I’m fairly certain they’re happening behind the scenes. I can tell by the uneven load time when I start the sim and monitoring what phase of the loading is being delayed.

If you or anyone wants to avoid fixes, then that’s your own choice. Best of luck.

I fired up FS2020 to start a fligh and now I have this mandatory 95GB update to download that will probably take 2-3 hours. Can they not be optional? I could then schedule them to later.

95gb update? It’s about 7gb at most,

Don’t pay attention to content manager if that’s where your getting that number from

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Lol, when I saw the update was released I almost came to the forums to make a post titled “No, we don’t need optional updates” because someone inevitably posts this about every update.

I did thew update now mine CTD loads about 75% then black screen and poof.

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