Option to disable the ghosting effect in multiplayer

I fly in a formation/aerobatic group called the ThunderFlys in TwoToneMurphy’s community. At the moment for our formations to look right, we have to fly with our reference aircraft almost invisible due to the ghosting effect and it makes it very hard to see needed adjustments and hold position. In addition to this, if there is a slight bit of stutter, either server-side or client-side, it can make the reference aircraft disappear entirely as we are so close. The only way to avoid this is to fly with a lot of separation, which I am sure we can all agree, doesn’t look anywhere near as good. We often have MSFS twitch streamers following us during manoveours with the drone cam and we do airshows for them, so looking good is quite important!

I would like to have the option to disable the ghosting effect, but still have it so there is no collision, so that we can fly much tighter formations and reduce the chance of the reference aircraft disappearing in the event of any lag/stutter.


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