Option to disable the "Ready to fly" button at start

Please create an option in the settings to remove the “Ready to fly” button at the start of the flight, i understand the need of it during missions, but when doing a free flight it just adds an additional step and it’s unnecessary.

There is a option to turn off cinematics… Settings > accessibility > Skip pre-flight cinematics ON


Agree. It’s redundant. Like it’s asking, “Are you sure you want to fly?”


No other current equivalent sim makes you hit fly twice. It’s an unnecessary step. Have your beverage at the map screen. The number of steps to get in the plane is a bit much and has a very console game feel to me. When loading times increase over time, which they tend to do in simulators with added content, you’ll have plenty of time to wait. I think this is the process:

  1. Start the sim, wait for the credits (also unnecessary)
  2. “Press any key to continue”
  3. Select world, change or confirm aircraft
  4. Change key bindings for aircraft (make them follow the plane please)
  5. Choose my airport
  6. Select fly (wait for loading)
  7. Select “Ready to fly” (As if this wasn’t the intent)

Brand X for comparison:

  1. Start the sim
  2. Select new flight
  3. Pick my aircraft
  4. Pick the airport
  5. Fly - sim loads and you’re in the plane.

I’ll have my beverage where it allows me to, right before clicking ready to fly. :wink:

Haha! Yeah, that’s the beautiful thing about choices. Cheers then!

You can create multiple profiles for keyboard and flight controller, and probably for the mouse too, but I haven’t checked that. Create one profile for each plane, switch when needed. You can even access the settings from the cockpit with the Esc key.

Yes, this I do. What I was referring to is that if I make a profile for the TBM aircraft, then that control setting would load automatically when I selected the TBM from the list. now they are separate. I see merits in both. If it stays the way it is now, it would be great if it didn’t load the profile each time you scroll through trying to find the one you’re after. Simply show a list, pick the one you want then load.

I have seen other implementations where you can make a single control setting and then map it to multiple airplanes.Both methods work, its just that I don’t have to select one each time unless I want to change it vs having to pick it each time.

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I did, but I still have to press “Ready to Fly”.

Super pro version (configurable option, not the default):

  1. Double click Flight Simulator icon
  2. Straight into cold and dark in the cockpit exactly where and how you last left the plane.

Want to make this even more slick? The sim saves a cinematic/replay as you’re shutting down, and uses that as the loading screen when you restart your next session in the same place.

It’s useful for when you start a flight in the air. While the flight is taking forever to load, I might not be sitting there at the ready to take control the entire time. It’s nice to be able to get everything set up and comfortable while it’s loading, and get a positive exchange of controls from the simulator before you’re flying.


Yes it seems a good solution!

Nah, they will fix it. Not even the most casual gamer will buy the sim because of how the “go fly” screen works, and these things are just as annoying if you are here for the game as if you are here for the simulation.

Agree with all of this. There should be a stripped down start option. Extra clicks are my pet peeve.

nah, many people use the time to load to grab a drink or something like that, and press ‘Ready to fly’ when they’re ready.


It is actually extremely useful.
1.) Not that hard to press a button.
2.) You can always disable it in settings…


I like having it there.


Another Press Any Key in the making. :slight_smile:

nah not really, you can already disable the ‘ready to fly’ one from the settings menu :slight_smile:


You’re able to skip the Ready to Fly cutscenes from the menu already from within game settings. Really don’t see why this would be important but hey, if it makes life easier!

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He he I would also skip all the Japan “advertising” screens now, they are beginning to be boring after many weeks! But I dont’ think they are slowing down the loading process anyway (I hope).
I would also like to remove any “press any key” or “confirm” for whatever menu I want to quit, but if it is possible to remove at least the ready to fly I’ll check on the menu how to disable it!

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