Option to Disable VR Controllers

I would like to have the option to completely disable the VR controllers and not have them detected as a new device at all.

Mine aren’t detected at all unless I deliberately activate them first. Can’t you just keep them in a box?

keeping them in a box is not practical as you sometimes want to interact with the HMD directly, like adjusting some settings or when using Oculus Quest 2 via Virtual Desktop and Steam VR to open or close the app.
Having to confirm the controllers every time i start VR is actually annoying, and a switch in the settings would indeed be a good idea…

I need to turn them on to interact with steamvr apps

i’d add to this - i’d like to be able to hide/disable any of the items that appear in the controls setup screen - i have some other things that show up in there that i keep plugged in but dont use for sim like a spacemouse pro. anything disabled can be moved to the far right of the list and be dimmed out with a button to re-enable.

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Yes! Please add an option to disable the Oculus Quest 2 VR controllers in game, so i can play just like it was before you added support for them.

Before VR controller support was added, I got by just fine with mouse and keyboard, and my Logitech joystick. Now, whenever i want to do things like change the weather or move the VFR map while in the cockpit it expects me to do this with the the VR controllers, which i don’t want to do, nor can I seem to figure out how to do. The current work around seems to be to hit “CTRL - 0” which then allows me to do these things with the mouse again, however, this is a huge pain to do while in flight. Not having the option to disable the VR controller really hurts my enjoyment of MSFS2020 in VR.

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Wish the same as well. Had an issue today where the dang TPM and Saitek Cessna Trim would not work unless i kept the right controller alive! Then tried to move the mouse and could not get it to activate because the controller was hot.