Option to NOT automatically load route into GPS or FMS

When planning a flight from the main menu the route currently gets loaded automatically into the FMS or GPS before flight.

What about people who want to practice setting up the FMS / GPS themselves? Why is there no option to disable automatic flight plan loading into the FMS / GPS?

Edit: yes I know there are work arounds to this problem where you can start a flight without a flight plan and then add the route to the FMS / GPS and request IFR clearance, still a little option or check box somewhere would be nice when planning your flight from the main menu.

What is wrong with just setting up a departure in the flight planner and then clicking fly?


Well it doesn’t work like that in real life. If you want to have 100% realism an option is needed to start completely cold & dark, including an empty GPS or FMS before flight.

Yes, if you only choose a starting point in the world menu (not runway), you will start cold & dark with empty flight plan.


How? When I start at a parking position (cold and dark) the flight plan is always pre-loaded…

Make sure destination is not specified in world map. In the world map, you can even choose to start mid flight at a way point without any destination.

Do not make arrival in flight planner, only departure.

You can’t perform an IFR flight like that

I get that, but you can’t perform an IFR flight like that and you can’t plan a flight without going back to the main menu.

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Assuming you are flying an airliner, without destination you will need to enter the origin, destination, connecting waypoints, sid and star… But of course there wont be nice interactive UI with FMS

I am looking for a simple option to disable auto-loading of route into GPS or FMS without any work arounds. Also I haven’t tried to plan an IFR flight without destination, I’m sure its possible but then the ATC system won’t work.

Of course you can. Just request from ATC once you are finished with setting up the plan in the FMC.

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True, you can ask IFR from ATC

I’ll try but still this is a work around, I’m asking for a simple option to be able to fully plan a flight in the main menu, start cold and dark with an empty FMS / GPS.

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Most of the time with airliner, i plan the route offline using tools like skyvertor. Then i will start at a gate with no flight plan and use the fms to ‘punch’ in the flight plan. But some of the time, after faithfully entering a long route, i will get told to take off from different runway. So most of the time i will leave the sid and star unspecified until i got clearance from ATC.

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Why do you want to double load a plan?

What do you mean with double load? I don’t want anything to load into the FMS / GPS at all…

I think i understand what nijnt is looking for. An option to tell ATC of the route in world map (hopefully ATC will adhere to in flight) but leave this plan out of FMS.

Yes, I will see if I can formulate it better

At this stage, i am not sure what the default ATC algo is like. Sometimes it seems that ATC will use NOTAM info of runway closure… So its hard to ‘coorperate’ with it all the time.