Option to remove title bar from pop-outs

It should be possible to remove the title bar from any popped out instrument panel window. For those putting pop-outs on separate screens in full-screen mode (for example, G1000 PFD / MFD on a touch-screen) having the title bar visible is annoying and immersion breaking.

One way of implementing this is similar to what FSX did with undocked windows - they respect the full-screen / windowed mode of the sim. When in windowed mode, undocked windows have their title bar. When full-screen, they do not. The behaviour should not be to full-screen any undocked window on the display it is on when ALT+ENTER is pressed, that should only happen to outside view windows as it does now. Undocked windows would remain the same size and at the same position but the title bar would be removed.

When I pop out the GNS530 instrument, I position it onto my RealSimGear GNS530 bezel’s screen and then press “Alt-Enter” to get rid of the title bar and make the GNS530 window full screen on the bezel. Just make sure the pop out window is selected as the active window by clicking on it with your mouse before pressing Alt-Enter.

Interesting. I will give that a try. I do use the MSFS pop out panel manager software to automate this process, though, so even if that works it might not work for me.

So, that works (and thanks for pointing it out!) but it still has the same problem with aspect ratio, in that it squashes the image horizontally as if the title bar were still there and the image was therefore smaller vertically than it is, when in fact it’s a perfect 16:9. This is obviously a bug.