Option to revert to a older build prior to world updates, pretty please

This is a serious question. With all of the newly introduced LOD issues with the scenery (see almost all topics in this section) I would really, really appreciate the ability to revert to a build prior to the USA update. For me the sim ran great, looked great and was really enjoyable. Yes there were and are many other non scenery related issues that need attention and I’m fully prepared to wait for the proper implementation of those fixes. BUT with the prospect of the next significant update being in June, I would really like to get back to enjoying my time in the sim in the interim. Currently the sim is a “morphing” “popping” “late activation” “shortened LOD” “hair pulling” “chin scratching” endeavor.
So, is this a realistic possibility? Does anyone else agree? Vote if you agree … or just reply that I’m a crazy old hater with no understanding of game development. Either or, I’m almost certain that I’m not alone on this one. Cheers!

This has been discussed dozens of times. Won’t happen, can’t happen, because all clients need to have the same software version as the servers. So you can either roll back everyone or none at all.

Maybe an “offline legacy mode” type thing. I dunno. I’m grasping at straws I guess. Well I can always dream.

Hi! As mentioned in this topic, this has been brought up many times. Since MSFS is software as a service, rolling back would cause many issues.

There is wish list for rolling back you may want to cast your vote on:

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