Option to show latitude and longitude coordinates outside of developer mode

Check out one of Squirrels latest videos on YouTube. He has some tips…

Yup but if i remember well it’s only for a specific plane :wink:

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We had Shift-Z key to press for all these information on older versions
I don’t know why they chose not to implement the same.
FPS and Coords were all part of that information display.


You could try to join on https://events.flighttracker.tech/

It plots your plane position (and that of your friends) on an openstreetmap (including run- and taxiways at airports)

you can also try Littlenavmap. it includes coordinates, and a whole lot more.

You can always use this. It shows flight path with a lot of plane information (including coordinates) in Google Earth. https://github.com/SAHorowitz/MSFS2020-PilotPathRecorder

There must be a way of displaying Lat/long coordinates on the map or on basic instrument maps but I haven’t found out how to. Maybe someone can help.
Not even displayed when I tried Dev mode. (I can’t post this in self-help (why?). I spent ages looking for Darjeeling via the normal non-detailed flight map and views of Bing & Google

I think FSX had the exact lat/long coordinates in its offset table, which is why LittleNavMap can show the GPS position.

So its already in MFSF but not immediately visible, unless you have an addin or use MCDU/G1000 (with community mods for anything missing)

From OP: I know Darjeeling pretty well! Got married there! Not many people get a 3-day wedding at 7,000 ft.
I’d find Bagdogra airport on google maps, and then set ask it for directions to Darj. The road should give you a good heading for flying to. Pretty much north of the airport.

But landing anywhere near would be an issue: no straight roads.
I think there’s the world’s smallest racing course in the valley behind Chowrasta.

I tend to use roads to help flying around, but I REALLY would like some co-ordinates. It probably just needs an extra button on the VFL map. It would be even better if we could ‘jump’ to co-ordinates.

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What was it on FSX and before, shift+z? Should bring it back…

That is a great experience - one of my neighbours goes there every year (except this of course) and has written a book (expensive) about the area and mountain railway.

I’ve just tried ‘Little Nav’: and am very impressed (with my first effort!)

This beta now supports MSFS2020!
You can load MFS2020, load Little Nav (preferably on another screen), and it picks up the departure etc. Adjust view: I clicked off all the ‘professional’ stuff like navaids, airspaces etc (as I barge all over the place!) and I’m left with a real-time map, plus airports (it loads in all MSFT airports).

So I can see EXACTLY where I am…

Well done Little Nav.


An update - unfortunately John my neighbour passed away recently - but he was (we think) well over 90 and had a good life. He was very entertaining with his photos and information about the darjeeling railway and other places abroad.

So sorry to hear. The Darjeeling ‘Toy Train’ is unique. It’s a memorable journey as it ascends to 7,000 ft, passing tea plantations, villages and towns, stopping for water (!), passing over its own line as it loops round. The very incarnation of Thomas the Tank Engine. Kids could drop off at corners and hop on again as it took the longer route round every road bend.
We are lucky to have had that experience. Me especially, as the train took me to my fiancee.
Regards and best wishes.

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I vote for this feature to have latitude and longitude coordinates displayed. To my knowledge, there aren’t addons for xbox that can do this. There are many times I can’t tell from the VFR map where I am. Seems like a pretty important feature.

I use LittleNavMap connected to a secondary monitor so that it doesn’t intrude on the main FS2020 screen. It makes recognizing where you are so much easier. It has a ‘driver’ for FS2020, and if you click-off a lot of information, it simplifies the output for the novice pilot (where ‘less information’= safer).

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So Little Nav Map is the only solutions anyone’s figured out up to this point? I don’t have a 2nd monitor - but may give it a try.

I’m kind of surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but Shift+Z Stats gives you the same options as Shift-Z in FSX. You can get it here: Shift+Z Stats. It works great on PC. I don’t know about XBox because I don’t have one.

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Thank you, that’s really useful.
What I liked about Little NavMap, was that it plotted the location in FS2020 against a recognisable map with sufficient terrain and transport (road/rail) details such that you recognized where you were on the ground, while flying from the pilot’s seat or from the chaser.
So, flying from Cusco, Peru, to MacchuPichhu and back to Cusco, is possible by recognizing the roads and terrain leading to MacchuPicchu (eg via Google Maps) and planning the route over this terrain.
A second (used?) monitor really helps too.