Optional ways to taxi?

Since my controller rudder z axis is overly sensitive, I was looking for an alternative way to smoothly steer the aircraft beside the annoying keyboard keys. I am surprised there isn’t a USB taxi tiller wheel. Maybe I’ll invent one.

You could use the AI Control pilot to taxi for you. Just make sure your seat belt is fully fastened and tray tables in the up right position. :grin:


I don’t know if it’s any good (I fly GA and use my pedals) but I found a USB tiller online:

Hate state the obvious but rudder peddles. I can’t land without them on most occasions, let alone taxi. Using a rudder with my fingers is about the same as trying to steer a car in a game with my thumbs.

But yes, as above. Especially after landing at a large airport where they rattle off 6 or 7 different taxiways. The AI will also solve the problem of not getting credit for a flight as it will taxi to the designated “big green ugly box”. The AI knows where this is even if the graphic is off (which mine ALWAYS is).

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Serious piece of kit that is. I would probably need to reinforce my PC desk and floor before using it!

Seriously though it’s great that you can get this sort of equipment for simming and not too badly priced either at 295 euro.

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Link your rudder controls to the same as ailerons.

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