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This morning I came back to MSFS after shutting down the yesterday evening and noticed my General/Graphics settings were all set to Ultra. I thought I may have forgotten to press F11 so I reset to my preferred options making a clear check that my settings had indeed been saved and went about my business.

I shut down after a couple of hours and have just started up MSFS. Once again my General/Graphics settings have reverted to Ultra.

All other settings in other Tabs are displayed as saved.

This is very annoying. Not a big deal to reset the settings at the start of each session but I shouldn’t and haven’t in the past needed to.

do you use onedive or so or another cloudsave thing??? (steam?)
never sen that issue myself, i never use cloudsaves.

Nope. Only started after the latest update and consistently occurs - a couple more times since I first posted. I did change the Graphics settings to ‘Default’ which applied the High End settings which I saved and exited. When I went back in they were set once again to Ultra.

Yes, the update seems to affect some settings. My bing was switched off after the update. Also I found that air traffic was set on and variability of other trafic to ultra ! After I put the traffic off (again) this expensive option de-activated (ultra to low) I noticed better overall framerate on landing challenges.

Also don’t forget to clear your cache file. The world is a little slower at first, but it will help to solve strange deviations in the city landscape. Photogrammetry can be very bad when the old (wrong) coordinates are used with the newly updated stuff.

I did not experience save does not work. My changes of last night were properly saved. Settings are the same after restarting the game.

I have just researched this further and checked out my Usercfg.opt file and found it to be dated sometime in January 2020 and that it is et to ‘Read Only’.

This is not my doing.

I have now removed the ‘Read Only’ setting from the file and it updates as expected and loads correctly on the next restart.

I have read FSUIPC may be the culprit but this is untested. Later today I will remove and reinstall FSUIPC and see what the outcome is.

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