Orbx Australian Cityscapes for Xbox?

I can’t find anything in regards to this being discussed.

Does anyone know if Xbox will be getting all the Australian Cityscapes eventually? I hope Melbourne, Perth Darwin and Canberra are being developed by someone to. Australia really needs some love with our cities as we dont seem to have much in the way general scenery enhancements. It really sucks seeing the Orbx Cityscapes in the “PC Only” section of the Marketplace.

I agree…xbox is not getting the attention it should on this sim overall


Orbx have just begin to port on Xbox. They want to port maximum of their scenery. If Xbox can support it with optimization (Sydney is superb… but is heavy too for example), we will have them on Xbox :wink:

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From memory we on the Xbox version of the Marketplace have Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, Chicago and only just yesterday Orbx Dubai Cityscape is now available. So based off of what’s available, I think the Xbox is up to handle some fairly complex stuff.

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I know I am eagerly awaiting the Cape Town cityscape on XBox. I lived in Johannesburg for a while, and so I love all the South Africa and even Zimbabwe addons.

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Yes I have flown there in sim, it looks good as it is but I’ve seen the Cityscape pics…wow. They definitely take things to the next level don’t they. The Southern Hemisphere in general is poor, we really need a heap of stuff down here, so imbalanced.

I am also waiting for the Cape Town Cityscape. Have mailed ORBX but they did not reply.

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I was surprised that Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane were not done in photogrammetry, would expect that to be done at some point.

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From what I can tell, the satellite data used in Australia is a mix up. Some places are outdated by easily 10yrs and others only maybe 5 but we really need at least as much up to date as possibly data. Photogrammetry in the least would be great.