ORBX Iceland Free Mesh Released

You sir are a legend. I would give anything to be able to travel back to Iceland right now, and your addon is the next best thing! :raised_hands:

In the meantime, here are some aerial captures from November 2019 when we went flying there with Nordurflug:


Those are some amazing shots!

I’m actually going on a 10 day road trip to Iceland in August! It’ll be nice to finally go see the places I’ve only seen virtually while working on the addon haha.


The wisdom of folding :wink:


You’re in for a real treat! I wish I could see it all again for the first time.


Awesome- very jealous of you. Have fun!

I also see a new player has entered the game, with an alternative freeware mesh for Iceland:

20m DEM for Iceland based on the source data from Iskort.is / Vefsja.iskort.is

I tried orbx mesh

Dont know if its on my end, but at BIIS terrain is warping/adjusting only close to my plane


Curious about this as well. Did a couple of short flights, one near BIIS and the popping is like default scenery. Then between BIRK and BIVM.

I ask because I’d like to understand if the same thing happens with their NZ mesh (which I was considering).

Marteinn has made some great mods for Iceland!

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Yes complicated fix it may be.
Patient be you must.
Shall see it fixed you may.

Can you join forces with your excellent buildings?

CGL terrain format is not yet ready for prime release in msfs; the problems you see on this iceland mesh is just few of the issue designers come across with cgl format at the moment.

Anyone know where this spot is? Coordinates or general area would be great!

and… do I need to remove the “Iceland Overhaul” mod for it to work properly?

Hotfix 1.0.1 out now on OC to resolve issue at Ísafjörður.


this is incredible…wish the whole world had this much detail

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It’s lake Sandkluftavatn.

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Brilliant work! I’ve been scouring Iceland trying to find it! Thank you very much!


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Finally! Looks great too! (except for that horrible tree line limit)
Again thanks for the revelation!


Guys, is it just me or this mesh presents the same terrain-popping issues the default one has? (I know it’s correctly installed, the difference is obvious aside from the morphing).

If you all are having smooth scenery and no terrain morphing I’ll need to investigate what’s wrong on my end - I somehow expected more from it, since the advertised ‘minimal morphing’ blurb and I’d like to ■■■■■ if their NZ mesh is a worthy purchase.

Thanks in advance.

That certainly isn’t happening on my system @SteepFarez, all smooth with no popping.

Maybe try flying in a variety of different aircraft at different heights and speeds to see if you can notice a difference.

I’ve been flying around Iceland in biplanes and light twins, sub 6000 feet between 100 knots and 180 knots with no issues.

Thanks for your feedback @zkdos!

I’ve done some more flights and I’m experiencing less popping. I get the feeling it must have something to do with cache - will play some more with the settings.