Orbx Innsbruck ... what if later Word-Update incl. Innsbruck?

I follow Flight Simulator 2020 since a year on youtube and after 27. July I can fly myself on my Xbox_SX … I have a list of add-ons I saw on youtube I plan to buy (in case i will find them in the Xbox-marketplace), for example Orbx Innsbruck (includes inside impressions of the terminals and parts of the city scape etc.). My question about the way and manner of interaction of scenery-marketplace-content and MSFS-content: If I buy this addon and later is a MSFS-World-Update with a photogrammetry-update for Innsbruck, will I see the city of Innsbruck in the Orbx-style or in the new MSFS-style? Can i mix both (Airport Orbx, city microsoft-photogrammetry) or do I have to delete the orbx-addon? Thank you for your help.

What if it does? Either if it is MSFS Paris or Orbx they both offer what they offer… If this were to be the case Orbx would have to update their scenery in order to exclude what MSFS update added. Often I have found that with these 3rd party city scenery add-ons performance is much better than the photogrammetry. However, results may vary depending on your system and too how well the scenery is made.

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LOWI is already handcrafted in MSFS if you have Premium Deluxe.
Handcrafted should be even better than Photogrammetry, so I would get the Airports you think you will fly to. The quality will be the best and theoretically there should not be a problem if photogrammetry is added to the surroundings later on.

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There is a other thread here where somebody actually suggests that there is a method of removing an Asobo airport if it clashes with a 3rd party one.

Scroll down a bit. There is a post regards using the scenery editor to delete an airport.

I wasn’t aware of this possibility and have not tried this method, however I have had 3rd party airports disrupted by Asobo world updates in the past and in those cases it’s simply a matter of waiting for the 3rd party Devs to update their product.
(In my case it was Orbx and Flytampa both of whom released their updates really quickly and as I had bought these from external vendors rather than the marketplace I had access to the updates as soon as they went live.)

You can only use one or the other. Even on world updates as a bundle, airports are installed separately. So if you don’t want a specific airport coming from the world update, just delete that specific airport and install the one that you want to keep using.

I’m not sure why Innsbruck will be on the next world update. Innsbruck has already been set as a handcrafted airport since launch. So they won’t be adding Innsbruck as a new handcrafted airport. If they are improving it, then it would just be an update to an existing handcrafted Innsbruck airport.

If you already have the ORBX Innsbruck, I would use that one instead and remove the Asobo Innsbruck from the content manager.

Thanks for the responses - i appreciate it!

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I am wondering how this conclusion came about?