ORBX Landmarks London City Pack Package Failed


Is anyone else here getting the “Package Failed” after trying to download the ORBX London City pack? I’ve tried multiple times only usually gets up to 200MB.
Internet connection is fine at 73mbps, I’ve tried restarting the game and computer multiple times. also tried updating via Windows Update and finally tried starting MSFS as administrator.
I have the Steam Premium Deluxe edition, all other packages have downloaded and are working as normal.

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All working now, starting working on its own eventually after trying to download several times.

Im currently experiencing this for 2 marketplace items, London Landmarks and ZELL AM SEE - LOWZ. :frowning:

Have the same thing. Tried multiple times and it always says ‘package failed’

same thing here …

Mine is working now, started working after a few game restarts, Steam and the actual computer just hang in there it’ll start working.

Can’t say I’m impressed with the ORBX London mind.

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Today I purchased through MSFS2020 Marketplace 4 addons but I cant download any of them as all I get is the error message ‘Package Failed’. This is annoying and frustrating, I have paid for products i cant download.

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As helpful as it may not be, I had this with the Orbx London Landmarks package. It repeatedly failed with the error Package Failed.

It eventually did download, but through the marketplace rather than the content manager. I genuinely have no idea if downloading through the marketplace makes any difference. It could have just been dumb luck that it worked on my fourth attempt.

This is still happening. Irritating af. Ive got 100down isp - that’s not the issue. Restarting doesnt do sh** either. Ran admin etc. Sacrificed a goat.

I got up to about 80% installed w the new M20R… then NOPE hahahahah

This is insane

Delete manual cache and as your internet is fast i’m guessing it’s set to unlimited ingame, seems this is a good fix