Orbx London city pack is a joke and Microsoft should remove it from the marketplace

Not really as it’s the first chance I have had with the latest update. Is that how we are gonna deal with issue’s, hide behind the it’s spam comments or block posts about issue’s some don’t like.
I don’t want Microsoft accepting shoddy work and allowing it on their marketplace.


Well, mods shouldn’t close all the threads on it, just merge them into one.

If this was a driving sim or one in which you could land at the locations I could see an issue. As a flight sim Not so much

Well even flying we don’t want just totally lame sceneries.

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its ridiculously easy to fix the terrain issue’s especially in London around the river as it’s mostly flat.
If I can fix the terrain issue’s with my first ever add-on then a paid company can.
Why accept poor work when there is no need to, do not understand why anyone would argue against better quality.


With my current experience of the Orbx London City Landmarks Pack , I can assure Orbx that I for one will not be purchasing anything else from them. The rushed initial release was bad enough, but then to put out an update that’s equally lazy and shoddy…Orbx can kiss my wallet goodbye.


Funnily, I downloaded your add-on, noticed it conflicted with Orbx’s, and removed yours right away, because theirs is much more relevant and effective in making London look good.

If you weren’t incapable of pointing out flaws without being disrespectful and rude, I’d thank you for your work, but honestly, this kind of ■■■■ should have no place in this community.

Unfortunately, some simmers aren’t half as mature as they think they are.

A quick use of the forums search facility would have found multiple existing Orbx scenery threads talking about this issue.

In fact, you yourself posted this one a few days back:

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Yes there are posts but this is new for the latest update old posts just get lost and forgotten about.

LOL so he’s just spamming?

He’s also spamming the same stuff on this thread.

If old posts get forgotten, you should take the hint that people may not be interested in continuing this discussion as much as you believe they should be. This is called spamming.

Why are you here then, if you don’t care then don’t comment.
Your literally arguing for poor quality.
If I make the same post about the exact same version yes that would be spam.
But this post is about the new update.

Venice same problem with waterlevels ( not as in flooding) and floating objects (like boats mored at the waterfront) appearing sunken… Don’t start now about Zen, this phenomenon is too obvious. But despite this I love MSFS 2020, can’t stop flying…

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They already did that letting Orbx loose in the Marketplace. Bought just 2 products of theirs for 2 sims, both have been poor quality amateur level work that they have the neck to charge money for. True Earth🙄 GB South is an utter dogs lunch and that’s being polite, and don’t need to comment on the London City pack for MSFS. Yet people/disciples of theirs ball cup them and sing their praises as if anything they turn out is the best thing ever.


I believe the reasoning was that those threads deal with issues that were mostly specific to the old version. Merging them can create confusion as to what version people are discussing.

Now that the new version has been pushed out, all future discussion should pertain to that version. Sounds like this topic is focused on that, which is a good thing. Personally, I like being able to tell what version is being discussed so I can decide if it is worth the purchase or not.


Thank you glad it is understood I will not be making other topics for this same update version.
Just feel there should be an accepted standard.

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No. I’m arguing for treating add-on developers with respect. Orbx has released countless of quality add-ons way before MSFS was even launched.

I’ve found your post on Orbx’s forums, and you sound like someone who could use a good lesson in how to deal with other people.


And maybe you could sign Orbx up for that lesson too … ‘How to deal with paying customers’.

“Respect for customers” does not involve relesing products that are absolutely perfect, especially in a sim as young as this one. Orbx shows plenty of respect for their customers by updating their products over time and first and foremost by talking to them in a way that doesn’t sound like a fight between preschool bullies

Maybe you should try that last point as well.

Can’t say I ever saw an Orbx rep treat a paying customer with anything less than a respectful standard.

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I remember reading one proud refunder, stating that the Premium Deluxe money they got back, had been spent on the three OrbX True Earth GB packs. Oh well…

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Sorry for being a little annoyed after spending money and spending many many hours on fixing issue’s.

What is good is to have some quality control and release a product when it is ready not just to make a quick buck the issue’s i’m highlighting aren’t hard to fix especially if you have more than 1 person working on it.
No need to say anymore said what I want about the add-on so no need to say anymore.

Bad work deserves bad feedback good work deserves praise doesn’t matter who makes it.