Orbx London Scenery pack causing my CTD

Since latest update I was getting CTD after pressing Fly Now button.
Removed Orbx London scenery pack and all is ok.
This happens even before adding world updates from Microsoft.

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I have the same problem. I have EGLC from Orbx and when I try to start from that airport the game freezes and needs to be closed from the activity manager. I’m looking on their forums to see if I can find a solution.

Same problem here. Spent all afternoon trying and it only loaded twice. Kept thinking it was my modded Longitude causing the problem but seems it’s Orbx.

Did you reinstall the sim from scratch.What I am currently doing! Too much ctds

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs as this not a stock scenery problem. Please address with scenery maker.

Just removed all Orbx London, loaded into default EGLC and CTD after two minutes. At least I got to the apron this time.

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Sorry to hear of all your problems. They really do raise the blood pressure. Its a shame that we seem to cure one thing and break another.
I have completely reinstalled from MS store several times, takes a long time, but the cure for me is to remove Orbx London Scenery. I have install all Microsoft add ons and have flown for many hours now, so its ok for me. I also have Orbx EGLC installed and it is working ok. Try a complete install from scratch and dont add anything. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Thank you for your reply

I’m not having such problems with orbx london city, though I’m not using orbx EGLC.

I’ll try with just the landmarks pack and not EGLC and report back. I’ve not been able to approach SE England without a CTD so thinking my EGMC add-on also needs to be removed.

Hiya and thanks for the reply. Spent several days and finally the sim works brilliant.
Still cannot use Orbx London Scenery as it causes CDT after pressing “Fly Now” so I’ve given up up on that. I just cant be bothered. The latest updates and fixes completely screwed my joystick and throttle settings, so I deleted all and started from scratch. All setting are almost on Ultra, 40 to 50 fps but I learnt with fsx, not to chase frame rates but look for quality and thats what I have now. My Orbx EGLC works perfectly just for your info. I have a RTX2080 super. Lets hope the next updates dont do any damage like the past few days. Good luck with your simmimg.

Same GPU - I get about the same FPS and up to 70 (capped) at high altitude.

Instead that it seems to be only the marketplace Orbx London products that are causing the CTD… It’s all fine if you bought from Orbx directly?

I purchased numerous Orbx scenery packs. All cause CTD. Hopefully they are working on this.

Same “hang” with me. I raised a support ticlket. Orbx said they were looking at fix for the market place version. Uninstalling London Scenery pack stopped the “hang”

There is a fix available now on Orbx Central and they have submitted this to the marketplace (will hopefully appear there soon)

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Come on Microsoft get your finger out !


They’d rather crash their own sim with products they sell in their own marketplace, and then endure the justifiable wrath of an angry internet mob. Quite illogical in more ways than one. I’d call it professional malfeasance. I’d say that Microsoft, AND Asobo, have an elevated level of responsibility for ensuring that easily identifiable conflicts are disallowed. But instead they continue selling products THEY KNOW ARE BROKEN. It’s the simple truth, and a disgraceful one.