Orbx NZ Mesh - First Impressions

Does this high res mesh only pop in when you get close? I remember a italy mesh a little while back that did that.

In any case the nz mesh costs less than 20nzd, I mean make your own assessment of value but I’d hardly call it pricey.

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The pop-in issue is limited but indeed present in the Austrian and Italian meshes, I flew about an hour from DE to AU and the pop-in was less noticeable than with the IT DEM.
That’s also the reason why I find Orbx product interesting.

My consideration about price is purely personal: taken by itself - again to me - the product has a better value than an airport, but considering how many places could use better DEM/meshes going down that route when the base sim should and probably will get better doesn’t make much sense to me.

For all of you who didn’t want to purchase a payware mesh for NZ, there is now a freeware mesh that has popped up on flightsim.to for New Zealand.

Once extracted, it takes up 9.7GB of harddrive space compared with Orbx’s 523mb. Will be interesting to test out some domestic routes with each mesh loaded to see a difference.

I’ve only had time to check out the freeware mesh very briefly, but the Remarkable Mountains next to NZQN (first shot) look great, however it seems some places like D’Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds have been textured with sea rather than ground (second shot)

I had lots of stutters with the freeware mesh, compared with the rest of the freeware published recently on flightsim.to in Europe, Alps, Canary islands, etc if anyone test this mesh could share his optimum graphics settings to avoid those stutters. Thanks

I have the Orbx mesh and very happy with it. So much so I done a 3hr flight in a cub crafter x on South Island Have Milford sound NZMF freeware which together with ship AI brings it all together. It’s like I’m back in Milford sound again. The time put in by the guys doing the addons greatly appreciated. Happy to pay creators as I’ll fly NZ a fair bit.


Any idea when this is supposed to be updated? I thought it was going to 1m?

That’s probably a question for the Orbx dev’s @SwirlyBear66297: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/