Orbx PAC 750 XSTOL

Thank you! You helped me a lot!

This aircraft is on Sale at OrbX already.

I was wondering, has it ever been updated with the real aircraft’s engine sounds or is it still using the Asobo Grand Caravan engine sounds ?

no sound update so far - unfortunately


And the GNS530/430 upgrade (if installed) stops the AP from functioning…


Thanks for the feedback.

Well, it’s even cheaper in the Marketplace Sale now, I just went ahead and bought it, but I’ll fly it only once they make the real sounds for it. For now it’s hangared.

Cool you bought it. But just fly it mate :wink:
It doesn’t sound awful at all. And frankly if you’re parking it until sounds get done, you might never end up using it :rofl:

I reckon it would be possible to swap the sounds from another aircraft if you knew how though, as it’s just “standard” implementation. I think it sounds okay as it is. Of course it could (and probably should) be better. It’s fairly quiet but the plane is really pretty good to fly.

On the other hand, not really sure how it SHOULD sound? Meatier?


Anyway, could you really tell the difference in the engine sounds I know that I couldn’t. It would be different if it had a piston engine sound instead of a turbine sound.


I’ve never flown this in real life so I don’t know how it is supposed to sound, but it sounds great to me as is. And it’s a blast to fly. I mean, come on, a low-wing XSTOL is unique.


There’s an Internet syndrome prevalent around here where someone notices sounds aren’t authentic, or don’t sound like that YouTube video they watched, and they post about it. Then for a small but vocal portion of the population, those sounds are immediately unacceptable and the plane must be hangared until they are brought up to the perceived par!

Personally, as long as the sounds are quality (no obvious looping, reactions to power sound “right”) and are of the right class of engine (ie: similar to an engine of that type, vs something like a fighter plane using a Rotax sound), that’s enough for my immersion.

Case in point is the Wilga getting extensive sound recordings by putting microphones all around a real Wilga on the ground and in the air, but complaints on this forum because the sounds didn’t sound like they did in a YouTube video. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: If you don’t fly a PAC 750 in real life, the current sounds aren’t likely to ruin your experience or immersion. :slight_smile:


It’s a good point. I’m not sure how authentic the DC-3 sounds are, but even if they are 100% spot on, it sounds like I’m flying inside a vacuum cleaner/hoover - which is not how I what to spend my leisure time frankly. I’ve had to troll through the sound config and remove a bunch of sounds to make it playable for me. Similarly the Kodiak sounds might be completely realistic, but the same gratingly loud suction sound puts me off it. There are times when realistic isn’t what I want (or need) in my video gaming.

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I agree with the phenomenon. The twotter is probably the biggest victim of the sound issue, although there are other reasons to be disappointed with that package. The Wilga is perfect IMHO.

That being said, the caravan sound pack, especially in comparison to the Kodiak, seems generic and flat. As does the stock 172 sounds and a few other default aircraft. the JF Arrows, the C310, the Wilga, and the 414 all sound exceptional to my ears. The Arrow in particular is uncannily accurate IMHO.

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Oh, 100% agreed an excellent sound package adds a lot to the experience, and should be on the checklist for commercial releases.

I just see so many posts that exaggerate the negativity around audio… My favorites are the sound packages recorded from real planes that are pretty convincingly authentic when you’re inside the plane in normal conditions, but elicit “expert criticism” that “It’s not WWise!!!” when someone opens a window and the sound doesn’t change.

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Well, the Twotter was unquestionably awful at first :slight_smile:

Yea it’s really good. Everything fits and just feels right.

There’s also a syndrome where the slightest bit of customer feedback or constructive criticism is immediately labeled as complaining and nagging. :wink:


Also, someone saying the sounds are not great for xxx plane could this be something to do with the quality of there sound system. I don’t know whether the poster above about the sounds of the DC3 is sarcastic or not but they sound spot-on to me. I have actually ridden in the cockpit of a DC3 and when they were in commercial operation where I lived in New Zealand in the 1950s they flew over our house maybe 2 or 3 times a day.

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Not sarcastic at all. But you seem to have entirely missed what I was saying.

Be careful what you wish for. Sounds may be bang on, but that doesn’t mean I want to be subjected to them for hours on end while gaming. And I have no desire to wear ear protection while gaming. You can turn down the sound, yes but then you miss all the other interactive sounds.

The first time you complain, that’s criticism. The second time you complain it’s nagging. :wink:

There is a flip-side to that as well - when developers release something with promises, which then seem to take ages to materialize. (I’m not taking a shot at the 750 … yet.)

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The second time is usually not nagging but just a response to fanboys trying to gaslight people into thinking that there is nothing wrong whatsoever. Also an Internet syndrome, but we digress. :wink:

Let’s wait and see. Making good recordings of an aircraft takes time, so lets be patient.


I think there’s a big ‘ol Catch 22 situation with this aircraft. They would be more incentivised to add the promised items if more people bought it, but I think a lot of people are holding off UNTIL the promised stuff is done…