Orbx Products hard to find on the map

Hi, on the MSFS world map, the handcrafted airports with a star usually pop up first when you zoom in. With Orbx airports, I have to zoom in a lot to find it, even more than a non handcrafted airport? Orbx products don’t have a star next to them either, does anyone know if this is a bug or just normal? Thanks.

IMHO this is completely normal. Not all handcrafted/3rd-party airports are star-airports and the smaller ones only pop up after zooming into the flight planner.
Sometimes the easiest way to find them is to type their code into the departure/arrival fields. I always do this e.g. with 1S2 Darrington or 3W5 Concrete.
I love these small 3rd-party airports, esp. ORBX.

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