Since update nordic and upgrade “premium” “Premium deluxe” My buy “Copenhagen airport” has been destroyed partly. The bridge connecting sweden/Denmark was accurate, beautyful has now turned into a flat wooden ■■■■-bridge. Anyone with an idea if it will be fixted???

The developer that created the scenery you bought needs to release an update. You should contact them directly.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs as OP is apparently referring to a payware.

The bridge in question is actually an MSFS2020 Nordic world update landmark.

FlyTampa Kastrup Copenhagen airport does have handcrafted surrounding scenery including that bridge but it was updated very quickly after the Nordic update - and before they updated it you basically had 2 bridges superimposed upon one another.

This description doesn’t sound like double bridges.

:slightly_smiling_face:THX. But Would have been nice with info from developer instead.