Organization of planes in the hangar

I’m always grateful for this amazing product that is MSFS.

So many default planes, and now, the new ones are arriving with the celebration of 40 years.

But from the beginning I miss somehow organizing my Hangar. for example, being able to favorite my
three favorite planes and only let them show it to me, with my chosen paintings. Exemple; As we do with products that we are interested in buying on the marketplace marked with “heart”.

So I think it’s not a difficult function to create.

At other times I deleted the planes that I would not use (99%). But now MSFS forces me to install everything again.

For people who are already frustrated with this. How do you organize? is there any addon?

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There’s a wishlist you can vote on for a “favorite aircraft” section to do just this.


Totally agreed. As the number of planes increases, the hangar gets more cumbersome to sort through. Also wish you could customize/edit the images in the livery preview tiles easily. Some great liveries have terrible tiles (oddly, most of the Fenix tiles are messed up) and it looks odd in the hangar selection screen.

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I didn’t know this Wish List, I’ll make better use of it.

Apparently, several other people, like me, heard in childhood “organize your toy closet, make favorites easier to pick up and keep”…

thankful, guys.

Post closed, as linked above there is another ongoing thread for this issue.