Original values for lift_scalar

I changed the flap lift_scalar in some of the flight_model.cfg files to fix the issue that has been present since the latest world update. However, I can’t remember what planes I changed and what not. Also, I want to check which mods have already been updated, as it is not always easy to find out if the modder has applied the fix or not.

Does anyone have the original values for the lift_scalar for the default planes. This might come in handy when Asobo released the official hotfix in the coming days, as we probably have to set the values back to their default.

You could also just delete the plane folders and redownload them from the content manager, but this is probably a good reason to back up your changes! :yum:

Don’t have them for you, but got a golden tip: always back up any file you alter in the sim. That way it’s easier to restore when updating (as any changed filed will be downloaded again by the installer if an update is available

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