Orly Airport Crash

Hello FS community.

I enjoy silently a lot FS2020 since it’s release on Xbox. But getting more and more into it, I purchased recently the Orly airport package on the marketplace.

Since installed I notice significant crash of the console each time I’m departure from this airport.

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Thx I’m really lost here! :expressionless:

Yes, unfortunately some add-ons crash on xbox as I discovered the hard way as well. I only purchase add-ons now that have been confirmed by someone to work on xbox via the document pinned in this discussion: MSFS Addon Compatibility List

You might want to add LFPO to the list as “Red”. :frowning:

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that addon has bugs , you need to wait until the creator updates it.
scenery can cause that.
i have several aircraft bought, no issues.

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Thx a lot. So I’m gonna uninstalled it for the moment :confused:

I know you said you’re on Xbox, so not sure if this applies. But I’m PC I had a similar issue. The solution for me was to move the Orly airport up to the top of the Content.xml file.

I’m guessing that you don’t have access to this Content.xml file on Xbox though?

Absolutely, you cannot access anything file related on console. That’s the beauty of it (in theory), you just put the game, it works and you have nothing to do/move/be worry of.

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Jetstream-design replied to me:

Hello David,

We have indeed received several Crash To Desktop reports for our LFPO XBOX scenery. We are talking to the Microsoft testing Team to know a bit more about this issue. The XBOX sceneries can’t be tested directly by the scenery developer. We send them to Microsoft, they do the testing and then validate the scenery when it is bug free. So at the moment I don’t know exactly why there are crashes on this scenery, but we are working on it.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


JetStream Designs

I can’t find anymore the addons in my content manager, but game still crashing when trying to takeoff from the Airport… Cannot uninstall it.

I’m finding the scenery crashing with the latest update and beta on x box

Same immediate CTD. I was hoping for the best when I saw the update but it’s even worse…