🚂 Oslo to Bergen Line (Norway) {8 Official/Modeled POIs, 19 BTR POIs}


I’m continuing this more relaxed series of flights along major trade routes, waterways, pilgrimages, etc. The last few weeks have been a blast, and I’m excited to keep seeing new parts of the world with you all!

Unlike my previous US National Park series, I won’t be live streaming, which means I can actually hang out in the Discord CTAF channel if anyone would like to chat! I will also broadcast the Bushtalk Radio narration into Discord, so we all hear the POIs as a group.

Hope to see you there!

What to expect on this trip:

  • Lots of incredible fjords and landscapes
  • Two busy downtowns (Oslo and Bergen)
  • 8 Official/Modeled POIs
  • 19 Bushtalk Radio POIs

Server: West USA
Settings: All Players, No Traffic
Discord: Discord
Twitch: Twitch
Suggested Add-Ons:
Note: I tested these with Sim Update 5, although your mileage may vary.

Flight Plan:
(They are identical, the second just has short waypoint names to work around this bug.)

Airplane: TBM 930
Weather: Scattered Clouds
Liftoff Time: 8:00 AM (6:00 AM UTC)
Rough flight path: We’ll (mostly) follow the Bergen Line, which means tracking along the fjords. Once we reach Flan we’ll descend to water level.