Other aircraft in sim

When i use flt sim in the evening, i see other gamertags with a type and an altitude. Why not an actual aircraft that i could recognize? Am i missing something?

To far away.

You get a certain number of aircraft that are closest to you that does not mean they are close enough to see.

I see more lights at night than I do actual aircraft. I also have gamertags turned off.

Check out the discovery series video on multiplayer.

Maybe it changes with the tags off, I’ll check. I’ve gotten pretty close, i dont see a target.

Is anyone else seeing actual aircraft for traffic?

I see aircraft all the time from other players. I see aircraft all the time from real world aviation. I had an American Airlines (152 I think) pass right by me just as I hear them call the tower for landing. I had an airliner go around from behind me because I was on the runway and had something in real life pop up so I got up away from the sim for a few minutes. I sat and watched 3 real world airlines all come in to an airport too high and continuously go around.

Thank you, I’ll keep trying.

Found it. Options, general, graphics, bottom of list, “use generic plane models(multiplayer)”

lol…sorry mnate this response has nothing to do with your original post & issue!

just read the manuals and learn the sim a bit more…what each feature does