Other players on multiplayer using military aircraft showing up as other aircraft

Hello, when on multiplayer, I usually live stream my flights and people like to join me using F18s etc but for some reason they are showing up as some sort of long-haul aircraft like an a330. Is there a fix for this? I already have the aircraft they are using downloaded by the way. sadly do not have any screenshots right now.

I think it’s deliberate because civil airports were getting inundated by F18s

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Seen the same today with a Pelican replaced by an Airbus

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hahah fair enough.

at least its not just me alone with this problem xD

I think this may be triggered if you do not happen to have the livery the other person is using.


You’re surely right, though we would expect here the aircraft to default to the first existing livery, if we already own the same aircraft in the sim like for the default MSFS aircraft, without talking of a different mod which would indeed appear like this, if not installed on our rig

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