Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew)

So I’m very new to flight sim and play it on xbox. I usually start from dark and cold at a gate and set up a IFR flight in the airbus A320neo everything goes great from start up to taxi take off and landing and using the autopilot but during the flight the plane will at times go off course start flying in circles then get back on course randomly by itself . Not sure if it’s a but in the game or if I’m doing something wrong.
Thanks for your help

If we have co-pilots, we also need captains?

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Everyone is a captain in MSFS :wink:

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Everyone else you mean? :joy:


Hi @Smokeymf81!

If it happens now and again, the simplist solution is to click the ‘DIR’ button on the MCDU panel (the one that you use to set up your route/performance etc down to the right of the pilot’s seat), select or type the next waypoint you should be going to, insert it in the top left position, then activate the direct-to. The aircraft will then turn and fly directly to that waypoint, before continuing your route.

If your aircraft never follows the flight plan and instead is always spiraling in circles, first thing to check would be your controller deadzones in the MSFS controller settings > sensitivities menu.

Hope that helps!

Hello I am sorry to post a question here but I am very new and I can’t see how to create a new topic or PM anyone?

My son (8.5) is obsessed with MSFS! I am working my way through Flight Training to try to keep up with him. However I have run into a problem. The Objectives have moved down so they are positioned right over the Cessna instrument panel and I can’t see my speed. I have searched everywhere for instructions on how to move them somewhere else on the screen but I can’t find anything. Please can you help?
Thank you
PS we have an Xbox

Hi, and welcome…

While I don’t think there’s a way to move the objective window on Xbox (someone with Xbox please correct me). But you should be able to move your camera instead with the Xbox controller. That way, you can move the camera slightly to make the airspeed visible next to the objective window.

That’s the thing… the objective box used to be up top (roughly at the top of the screen). It has moved in the last week and we don’t know why.
Because it is now in the centre-left we would have to move the camera quite dramatically to get it out of the way: either obscuring the forward view of where we are going, or the bottom row of the dashboard dials.

Try using the “reset pannels” option inside the settings (:gear:) menu on the top menu bar during flight. That can be used to reset the default positions of the panels such as the ATC one, so it may also fix this.