Out of date Airports

So I am currently cruising around in Colorado in the Aspen and Denver area and my current lag had me landing at Fremont County Airport (1V6) east of Cañon City. It was on the aeronautical chart at skyvector and also had the layout in the game but when I wanted to announce my landing intentions I could not choose the runway. After flying over the airport I saw that the runway had a yellow X over the runway number. I know that a former airport near me also has the number crossed out and is not selectable in the game.
On google maps the airport seems to be operational, no yellow cross, so please Asobo either update this part of the map or make the airport not selectable in the game until fixed.

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In Brisbane Australia we had a new runway added this year that has been under construction for many years not included in the sim. The scenery is also not even close to what my area looks like.
We have a pair of bridges close to the airport that rise 100mts above the waterline - they are now flat in the sim HAHAHAH
Guess we are all about to be forced to buy a million dollars in scenery updates

True-the Sir Leo bridges aren’t the right height in the sim!

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did you submit a zendesk ticket?

Scenery is one thing but I’ve found something even worse. Colorado Springs consists of three different satellite imageries. That’s something I’ve never witnessed with GMaps, both the three imageries and pink satellite imagery.

Will do tomorrow.

And the “scanned in 4k resolution” I guess we can throw that out of the window…
FS2020 seems to be more hype then anything else.
No VR, and when we get VR it will be for HMD’s that are not even released yet… But lets ignore the 2 largest makers that have millions of units in operation anyway.

If I had of known this in advance, I would have NEVER purchased this sim (pronounced poorly produced game)

Also in Colorado they have Aurora Airpark which has been closed for more then a Decade. I dont mind as I visited the Airport once when it was open, There was a couple pilots that were instructors that operated out of that airport with Piper Cubs.

I have a local airport in Amarillo Texas called Buffalo (1E7). I loaded FS 2020 and Buffalo runways were correct, the main runway 2/20. I couldn’t get FS to boot up so I uninstalled it. When I reinstalled, runway 2/20 was gone. I wonder if I should uninstall again and reinstall to get the runway back? I have an ultralight there and would like to practice.