Out of power - remarkable recovery by MSFS

Flying from Lagos to Port Harcourt, I had my laptop plugged in but had not noticed that the socket switch was off. With the plane (C310R) about halfway I was away from the laptop for maybe 10 minutes (cheating, I know). When I returned the laptop had powered itself off. Thinking CTD I restored power, restarted & then noticed a ‘battery low’ message flashing by. I then realised that MSFS was still running but at the home screen - so I clicked ‘Resume’ on the flight and it resumed as if nothing had happened. I know this is how it should work, but it’s perhaps a tribute both to Windows 10 and MSFS that the power off recovery worked so well. Well done!


When interrupted by real life issues, I sometimes use the power save mode of Windows 10 to pause and resume a flight. It works really well for MSFS2020 and most other apps I use during the flight.