I absolutely love this game, it’s amazing!
Ironically one of my favorite features (for a flight sim) is the ability to give that control to the AI and just enjoying the scenery myself.


For me the best is, that you can finally explore the place whereyou live from above .


It really is 100%! They’ve done a fantastic job working on it. Can’t wait to see how they will build on it further and take it from here.

Agreed, it’s always cool to see how your local area looks on a simulator from above! It’s great for exploring new scenic places also and visiting places that you would never think of visiting in real life. There is so much to discover.

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I guess I’m not quite alone in enjoying the guilty pleasure of handing over control to the A.I. to fly the plane for me. I just wish the AP was more dependable. It tends to mess-up landings in particular. I’ve put a request into the Wishlist section here for the devs to perhaps (hopefully, maybe) look at eliminating these flaws.

It’s great that you can just dream up a flight, tell the A.I. where you are, where you want to go and then sit back and enjoy the flight. I really like this. I bought this sim to do virtual travel and, almost perfectly, it does just that. Just need to iron out a few disappointing kinks in the system and I will have pretty much obtained my dream - a whole virtual world of my own travel about freely without the need to learn the technicalities of piloting!

huh interesting. I’ve not yet experienced it messing up landings, but rather take offs. It can’t get the 747 off the ground.