Over 1 million unique players for MSFS

Wow. Congratz to Asobo and Microsoft: https://www.vg247.com/2020/09/03/microsoft-flight-simulator-1-million-players-date/. Over 1 million unique players. I can finally see how this will really be a 10 year project for Asobo. I’m sure Microsoft can get additional revenue if they sell MSFS to the commercial market, and of course, Microsoft is probably getting commission from the Marketplace sales. And of course, the XBox version of this is to come so that means even more sales of this game.

This is really good news for MSFS and for the future of it. It gives reason for Microsoft to support this as a 10 year project (although I assume in the later years of this project, staff may be reduced but there will probably still be updates & maintenance on MSFS).


Heck yeah!

Thanks for sharing this awesome link and info! I love to see it!

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Good news!

Interesting to know how many active forum users there are, by comparison.


MSFS will need a lot of work before its ready commercially, but nonetheless, encouraging news.

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There was a thread in Avsim in the X-Plane forum (or maybe it was the P3D forum?) that I came across where the topic of the thread was people worried that 3rd party development would stop for X-Plane (or P3D, can’t remember which forum) because the 3rd parties would shift to MSFS. Anyways, the topic of the thread isn’t really what I wanted to bring out, but inside that thread, there was talk that there were companies that were inquiring with Microsoft about possible commercial use for MSFS.

If my memory is correct, that thread was started over 6 months ago so the fact that some companies were already inquiring about a commercial use for MSFS 6 months ago was an eye opener. Unfortunately, I’m having problems connecting to Avsim now so I can’t find that thread but may somebody else can pinpoint it and also pinpoint the parts where there was rumors of commercial interest in MSFS.

Undoubtedly, there is commercial interest, but with the lack of any study-level aircraft and not all systems simulated, the case for MSFS as a commercial product is weak at the moment.

WOW, over a Million unique players ? I wonder how vg247.com knows how many unique players they have. Interesting…
I see a lot of private and commercial websites linked in the msfs forum. Guess they all want a piece of the pie and the msfs forum is sure giving them some exposure. Someone said that vg247 site was an AWSOME link… Really ?? and if I want to view their site I have to accept their cookies ? Really ?

From Official sources

Jörg Neumann said airline companies approached them after the E3 2019 announcement, he said that in one of the thousand interviews since June/2019, so impossible to find it now.

The commercial interest seems to be real. And Jörg seemed to be interested in providing that support also, so I guess it’s just a matter of time.

Another interesting point, for me at least, is using MSFS as base for a lot of other genres of games. Jörg said there’s people already using the MSFS World to develop some kind of MMORPG. We can think about using it for a Train Simulator, Truck Simulator, Ship simulator and you can use your imagination freely here. There are a lot of ways to monetize this platform, besides using it a domestic flight simulator.

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Those companies are probably interested in using MSFS solely as a rendering engine. They often use their own system simulation and they will probably develop their own aircraft model to simulate the target aircraft as best as they can (or completely develop their own flight model simulation).

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