Overexposed VR with Reverb G2

On my system, that is a Reverb G2 running via a 3090 card and a 10900k,
i have terrible overexposure since the 1st day. I find similar problems when
looking on google, but without real solutions.

Does anyone have the same problem on the G2? Or is it a known problem?
My system is perfectly up to date, newest Win10, newest Geforce drivers,
newest Bios, newest FS2020 version etc…everything stock, no NVidia
changes, just the active OpenXR render scaling, like everybody does :wink:

Thanks for your help guys!!

In clear skies it can get a bit bright in mine, but I wouldn’t say it is overexposed. Today, I was flying in daytime in mostly overcast conditions and it was hard to make out some ground details because of how dark it was, as I would expect. Overall, I’d say mine is realistically bright, which is not much help to you I know, but at least you have a data point. This is with a 3080, i9 and G2.

My experience is similar to ResetXPDR. Overall I’d like more brightness and contrast available form the G2.

When you describe the display as ‘overexposed’, is that the whole display (every direction), or are you talking about the effects added by the sim when looking from inside the cockpit to outside; or when looking towards the sunlight? This effect seems to have been added to simulate the effect of changing brightness on your eyes and can make the world appear very bright and washed out. Some people find this quite realistic, some hate it.

There are quite a few threads on this topic (most of them very rambling), but you can vote on a request to have more control available for the VR display here:

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Its really overexposed, like in photography you would say…about 1-2 stops overexposed. When the sunlight hits the cockpit, the bright areas are really washed out and purely white. Also looking into the clouds is pretty low contrast. I dont have this in DCS so i think its not a hardware related problem with the G2 etc…

They really should give us some controls about brightness & contrast. Some like it darker, some like it brighter, its personal taste. In DCS you can easily change gama…done!

The VR in general is not up to snuff compared to other programs. If you have Aerofly 2 try it in VR and look at the clarity. I understand its not the same as the MSFS sim in complexity, but can’t they do something to get the VR to look as good?

Yes they can. But nothing is going to happen until after the Xbox launch. They even delayed the PC DX12 release.

VR kinda works, but is buggy and blurry AF. It’s a buggy mess. Jorg even said they will “overhaul” the VR code in the future. That’s an admission.

Yes, it is overexposed (Reverb G1, i9 10850, RTX3090). I fixed it, at least until the next update, by editing the userconfig.opt and setting ColorGrading to 0. This did work for me but others report that they did not see an improvement.

Thanks i will try that asap…but it would be so easy to implement a kind of exposure-settings into the sim…wouldn´t it?

I am sure it would be, but consider the thousands of little things that they need to work on for the next release. I do hope that they will get to it eventually.