Own plane LOD

I do love the visual quality in MSFS, but I do not understand the “aggressive” LOD behaver as show in this video

It can’t have any performance hit showing this type of low-poly objects farther away :thinking:
The distance is around 1500m and it seems that all the “small sized” airplane has the same behaver.
All the GFX setting in the video is ultra and distance is set to max.
Anyone know any config or setting that can be change for this or is it hardcoded?

-jan erik

The explaination is rather simple and can be said in two sentences:
“Framerate over EVERYTHING” mentality + the PC-Ultra setting must not look better than XBox One Slim version.
But the LODs and the render distance can be easily fixed with Notepad++ changes in the graphics config ini so it should not concern PC pilots :wink:


Yes I know of this one, unfortunately values can’t go over more then what you can set in the GUI :woozy_face:

I believe the “Objects LOD” setting controls this type of behavior, and can be manually set higher than 2 (or 200 in the in-game GUI) in the UserCfg file. Changing this to 6 in the UserCfg file has almost no performance hit on my rig, but of course others may have different results.

Interesting. The SDK says:

NOTE: The player aircraft will always be rendered using LOD0, regardless of how far from the camera gets. This behaviour can be temporarilly disabled using the Force User LOD 0 option.

and in my experience this is the case. To a degree. The simulator will actually hide parts of the model if they are too small on screen although that doesn’t appear to be what is happening in the video.

Which camera are you using to film this in?

You might be able to control this behaviour on a per aircraft model by editing the LODs in the model XML file:


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Thanks for the info.
I’m using the Drone camera btw.

I am developing a plane for MSFS so I have had an extensive look at LODs for aircraft and how they behave and for that I used the drone camera to move away from the aircraft. I can’t say that I saw the behaviour in your video. The LOD0 (the most detailed) exterior model should always show for the user aircraft (subject to the small parts disappearing which I mentioned earlier) which is what I have found.

This is for a native MSFS model though. If your aircraft is converted from FSX then I don’t know how it would behave as the LOD configuration for FSX is very different to MSFS.

It is happen to the Osobo plane also (the camera is zoomed in max).
Yes the distance is farther away because the size is bigger, but the same effect.
Did try to change the LOD definition as shows in the SDK documentation to no avail.

That is terrible, surely MiSobo can fix such a thing easily?! What a spoiler seeing the airplane just vanish.

BTW, nice video!

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