Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

I raised a Zendesk, and got a patronising message back with a copy of the different levels of spec for the FS. I have a GTX960m with a I7 66700HQ, and it has been running like a dream for me. Until the latest patch

Thanks for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is continually improving and is highly scalable to suit all kinds of hardware configurations. That said, if you ask too much of your hardware, problems as you report can occur.
This problem is affecting those with video cards on the lower end of specifications. We advise you to lower settings to the lowest level and see if it works. When it does, slowly raise settings until you see problems arise. Unfortunately, there is no fix here other than using the simulation on lower settings, which in this case might have to be without clouds.

Below you’ll find the machine specifications for Microsoft Flight Simulator to compare with your current or future system.

I have now replied with ::

Thank you for your reply however it has this issue from the lowest setting and was induced with the latest patch [#5].
No where in the patch text does it say that all min spec PCs will not be able to use the software as shown. This should have been warned before installing it, and it should have been given an option to not install. No, it was mandatory, so your have obsoleted your software. This product from release to now to be honest has been a train wreck. Why you are charging such high amounts for a sub standard software and obsoleting your user base without knowing. Do you honestly think flying without clouds (well weather) is the right way to deal with this. That is called burying your heads in the sand. Also if that is the issue why not give a switch to turn off the clouds?
Where do we get a refund for the product as it is not fit for purpose. Are you changing the min specs on your website because in my country you are breaking the law (product not as described and fit for purpose).

Very disappointed.


We now have six reports with the same or a similar response. It’s not going well at all…

Also got the same reply. I don’t want to upgrade my setup in the middle of this pandemic with prices skyrocketing. If Asobo doesn’t want to figure out whats wrong they should at least allow us to use an older version. My rig can actually run the game at satisfying fps. Asobo must get their s**** together and fix this.

Agree with all the comments. I was running 30-45 fps in GA flying until the last patch. No other issues, brilliant flying - fun. Well, no longer with the latest patch. This isn’t an obsolete card issue - this is a patch break that needs to be fixed.

Don’t know if a mod can merge these two threads? But it looks like we’re out of the community, folks. Intolerable flashing in top third of screen since update

So…who gets kicked out next? What 's the next GPU to become “obsolete”?

It isn’t obsolescence! It’s improvement!

It’s going to get really ugly when the GTX 980 Ti or the GTX 1080 Ti become obsolete. Next thing we know they’re not going to make the DirectX 12 features and ray-tracing optional.

I still struggle that this is a “GPU card” issue. With clear skies setting I’m running ~ 40 fps GA flying, with the new patch. How do they know this isn’t a “bug”

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That’s exactly what I’ve questioned through zendesk. Also no other minimum requirement Radeon users reported the issue so far, pointing to a very specific problem that should be at least properly investigated by the developers.


One more comment regarding my post - with my 960M graphic card I had absolutely no problem running on HIGH settings with 18 - 28 FPS or MEDIUM settings with 25 - 35 FPS whether clear weather, rain, snow, thunderstorms - never a problem until Update #5.

So for MSFS/Asobo to respond that there is nothing they can do and to insinuate that the user needs to try using LOW settings or to change the card is completely wrong. And by the way, I have tried LOW settings and it does not fix the issue.

There is something wrong with update #5 and MSFS/Asobo really should look at resolving it.


Update: Just out of curiosity I decided to disable my discrete Nvidia Maxwell graphics card via Device Manager so I could force the game to run using the underpowered Intel UHD 620 integrated gpu.

OH WAIT! The clouds are working fine! ON AN INTEGRATED INTEL GPU!

I’m sorry guys, but this proves this issue is not about lack of resources from our Maxwell cards… It’s a bug and Asobo doesn’t care about fixing it. Maybe our userbase isn’t relevant for them to put someone to work on it?

If that’s the case then they should just tell us they don’t want to spend the resources needed to fix it and to move on straight away instead of misleading the customers. Otherwise I think this looks really ugly for them. More consumers could be fooled into thinking their cards are airworthy when they’re not.

This is not a minimum requirement issue, it’s a bug!


Good point. The UHD 620 was released along with Kaby Lake R CPUs in 2017, but it seems that the architecture is identical to the GPUs used with Skylake in 2015, only the media and display engines have changed. Meanwhile Maxwell 1.0 was released in 2014, but it continued to be used in some laptop variants until 2017.

If possible, please open a support ticket and include this in your report. They really can’t use the low-end GPU as an excuse anymore. I would love to see their explanation for this.


Very interesting observation, I would like to try that. Can you tell me the basics of how to go about disabling my 960M and have the system just use my Intel card?

So did you just simply “Disable Device”?
And then how would you Enable it again?

I am also experiencing this on my 960M. Filed a Zendesk report with some videos.

Yes, that’s the exact procedure! Selecting the iGPU in the Nvidia control panel doesn’t seem to be effective.

Done! Let’s see what they’ll answer…

Actually Maxwell 1.0 is still being used in new laptops through Nvidia’s MX branch of mobile gpus.

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Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.


So a short time after i got:

This is not a bug, it is an improvement to the cloud system that lower end video cards are having issues with. Your 960m video card is on the lower end of specifications, then you might have to use the simulation on the lower end of settings, which again in this case might have to be without clouds.

I give up tbh

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And they’re using UserBenchmark for comparisons, the most biased site with very little credibility and a mediocre GPU benchmark. Oh dear…