OXR FPS Counter what does everything mean?

As the title says running the G2 reverb with a 2080ti and the OXR tool (reproj off)
Have switched the FPS counter on and just wondering if there is a guide or someone can tell me what all the items mean? - I can see app cpu/gpu and 3 numbers right at the top - just wondering what are the key ones to pay attention to - also have a pre and post section then some kind of compensitor section that says “tex copy” ?
strangely although the G2 runs ok - the counter is usually displaying “red” in game and sometimes jumps to blue or green in menus? (note also before anyone asks have change reprojection to and it made the VR very stuttery so disabled it)
So just wondering what the red means background means and how I can improve the performance here - as assume red is not good?

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