Ozark Flying Club

Hello all! This post serves to advertise a flying club with a focus on fun while maintaining a decent amount of immersion, Ozark Flying Club.

// About the group
Our vision is to cultivate a group who enjoys a relaxed but realism-oriented sim session. No unrealistic activity requirements exist here, but a healthy focus on realism and maturity ensures a fulfilling experience, while still having a blast!

We aim for weekly group activities such as:

  • Group fly ins/hop lists
  • STOL competitions/air races
  • Poker runs
  • Exploration
  • Training events
  • Taking part in Flight Simulator community events

// Who we’re looking for
We’re looking for mature, serious simmers who enjoy immersion and realism.

// Interested?
If you’re interested, just reply here, or visit our Discord! We hope to see you there, and happy simming!



I as well live in the area of the Ozarks…would be fun to join fellow fliers

And it’d be fun to have you in the air with us! Stop by sometime.

Closed at the request of the OP