OzRunways - EFB with MSFS

I have been using OzRunways with my other sims, since it released many years ago. OzRunways is an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for real world navigation but also supported FSX and XPlane and later P3d.

I was looking forward to using it with MSFS. I noticed on the website of the person that supported the apps to provide a simconnect link to the sims, mentioned that the app for FSX worked with MSFS. So I immediately installed it (I used a different connection method for FSX - early implementation of the link).

To my surprise, I’m now using OzRunways for moving map navigation and safe taxing, instrument approaches, weather, notams etc., etc.

Now that the simconnect performance has been addressed, I’m able to enjoy normal performance while connected to my iPad app.

I understand ForeFlight is a popular choice for the US but OzRunways is the tool of choice in Australia and I’m so happy it works with MSFS.

Regards, Paul

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Good to know!! I’ve been looking at different EFB lately. Will definitely do some research and see if its a good fit for me or not! Thanks for the info!

Not sure about OzRunways being the tool of choice in Australia. There are others, especially AvPlan which is huge. My AvPlan on my iPad connects easily to MSFS on my PC using XMapsy app on my PC.