P-40B Tomahawk

I presume it is in the offical folder then. I bought mine directly from Big Radials.

I found and read the manual. I was able to successfully takeoff and land after reading. Iā€™m guessing the average simmer trying to fly this plane not reading the manual will end up over revving the engine, running out of fuel early without switching fuel tanks.

As a new person to war planes and tail-draggers understanding the relationship between the throttle, automatic propeller control to rpm, manifold pressure, and heat were important to enjoying and loving this plane.

As far as the squirlyness of this plane on the ground, I found watching several videos on flying tail-draggers gas helped me understand the things to consider when the center of gravity is behind the main wheels.

If you are new to tail-draggers like me, I found it helpful to practice without crosswind conditions first. Also, it has helped to practice landing and takeoff with other tail-draggers as well.

Lower your landing speed to 95mph (not knots), hold it off, hold it off, hold it off! Rudder rudder rudder!

I now, with a little practice love this plane.