P2ATC problems with flight plan

First of all I want to let you know that I’m posting here because I’ve posted on the “official” P2ATC support forums (Avsim) and after a few days have not received any responses so that’s why I’m here.

This is all happening in the TBM with the WTG3000 avionics add-on.

My problem is after creating a flight plan in Simbrief and using the import cut and paste then adding origin and arrival airports I do indeed get a flight plan generated in P2ATC that matches up with Simbrief. I then export that as .pln and load into MSFS in World map just fine. Then load into the flight in a parking spot selected from the World map (sometimes when selecting an off runway parking spot the entire FP changes in the sim and I have to re-load) and then begin the flight, entering the cockpit cold and dark. After going through the startup procedure I check the FP in the G3000 and all seems good. Then I go back to P2ATC to “connect” and so far so good. However as soon as I “file” the FP in P2ATC it reloads the entire FP adding a bunch of new waypoints that now don’t match what’s in the G3000. If I try and add the newly added waypoints I immediately get an “out of sync” message and the entire FP is hosed.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

I’m not familiar with using P2ATC, however, I was wondering if what is loading into P2ATC when this happens is the flightplan that the sim changed before you reloaded it.
If so, I believe that if you select your start spot from the drop down menu, (not from the globe) and don’t make any changes to the departure or arrival selections in the world map planner, the sim shouldn’t alter the flight plan.
You can use the “Zoom to Details” to see what spot you want to use, but select it from the drop down menu.
That may help.
Good Luck!

After you have loaded the flight plan, go into the FLT PLN tab in the config menu and turn off (uncheck) the first three that say ATC select SID, STAR, APPR. As long as they are checked P2ATC can and will reselect different ones than you originally planned.

No, the problem is within P2ATC and not the sim. I’ve been through the problem you indicate and it used to be that you had to use the drop down menu rather than selecting a spot from the zoomed-in world map but recently that entire process has seemed to reverse for me and now I find that it most often does not change the Nav Data if chosen from the map, but even then it seems to be hit or miss. But thank you for your response.

This sounds promising and I will definitely try that on my next load-in. Thank you!

In addition, Import from 1 source.
Generate your plan in Simbreif then import that plan to the sim and P2A.

Then you can use Auto Plan, it will find the best SID and STAR. Connect P2A, Validate and File the plan.

When you get your clearance, enter the SID in the G3000, fly you’re route, then when you get your Expect… from Approach, enter the Arrival, Approach and runway.

From the pilots perspective, this is how I see the plan executed IRL.
And don’t forget to Activate the STAR components in the G3000.