P34T 3D Model missing on CARENADO Add-On


Impossible to find the 3D gITF models in the new add-on of the PA43T Seneca V from Carenado.
I think that with the DRM story the 3D model is in the .fsarchive file.
I’m not against publishers protecting their creations against copying.
I’m not against publishers protecting their creations against copying, but since I bought this add-on, I would like to be able to use it freely, especially to make my own porpres deliveries.
How is it possible to access the 3D model from a fsarchive file?
I would like to create a template to make liveries and I need to extract the UV Map and use it in Blender or Painting3D.
If not, do you know if Carenado has provided a PaintKitt other than the simple white texture that is not really usable.


Imposble de trouver les modeles 3D gITF dans le nouvel add-On du PA43T Seneca V de Carenado.
Je pense qu’avec l’histoire de DRM le model 3D est dans le fichier .fsarchive.
Je ne suis pas contre que les éditeurs protégent leurs création contre la copie.
Pas contre dans la mesure ou j’ai acheter cet add-on, je voudrais pouvoir en disposer librement, notament pour pouvoir faire mes porpres livrées.
Comment est-il possible d’accéder au model 3D depuis un fichier fsarchive ?
Je souhaiterais me créer un template pour faire des livrées et j’ai besoin d’extraire les Map UV et de l’utiliser dans Blender ou Painting3D.
Sinon savez vous si Carenado à fourni un PaintKitt autre que la simple texture blanche qui n’est pas vraiment exploitable.

Carenado has never provided a paintkit, only the white textures.
Nevertheless there are lots of repaints for their aircraft available.
But it requires a lot of time and patience when working with these textures.

While Carenado lets us access the 3D model like all the other planes so that we make our own paintkit, the white textures are useless, especially when pieces are spread over several parts.
I just ask how to get to the .gITF that are not present in the model directory of the add-on

Do any of you know where the instructions are for the PA34?