P42 KitFox and FreedomFox dark avionics

Does anybody have the issue where avionics seem to be dark in P42’s KitFox / FreedomFox? The same seems to be happening in JMB VL3. I tried to remove other avionics mods I have (workingtitle) but it hasn’t resolved the issue. Tried asking the developer for help but they’re super unhelpful. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve got the BT KitFox…

Same problem, even with the Bagolu patch.

It could be that it’s related to an Asobo update maybe. Do you have lots of mods installed? I have a fair number of mods though mostly scenery and other aircraft. I wonder if seeing which mods we both have installed might help to narrow down what is to blame.

Bug in FS-2020.
The battery is drained.
After starting the Fox, simply click on the Starter-knob a second time.

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