PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight

Any news of when the turbo version will be released? I need some more oomph to get over the alps :wink:


Thanks … Updated and what a difference !!!

Of course, after updating, when I went to launch MSFS, the MS Azure servers were down for a short time (or my ISP had lost connectivity to them) … but seem to be back up again now – PANIC OVER !!

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Happy days :+1:

Good, really glad you got sorted in the end. Happy Flying!

We will see /// I am getting stutter ONLY when the AP is on, and a lot of the switch functions do not match my Home Cockpit, so that will take a bit of work, to make new Cockpit Config for the arrow … all part of the fun of MSFS I guess…

Anyone now – did they do their own AP system and bypass the Asobo Kernel AP code ? – or maybe its an AP PID config issue.

I don’t think so, they still engage the basic AP functions and I can control them using the MSFS companion as well.

If you’re using SPAD, I can recommend checking out this thread:

Regarding the stutters: That’s weird, I’m only aware of vibrations when ALT HOLD is engaged, but stutters in terms of low fps? Never heard of it.

To get the AP more precise (the stock one is swaying left and right), I just copied the STICKANDRUDDER PIDs from the Asobo stock G36’s ai.cfg to the JF PA and it works flawlessly.

And that doesn’t affect anything else about the flight model or controls? A section called “stickandrudder” doesn’t sound exclusively autopilot related to me. Quite the opposite, really. :wink:

The ai.cfg is the config for the virtual copilot and the autopilot. So it will affect these two.
I never use the virtual copilot, so I’m good. No issues whatsoever, I’m using it for a few weeks now.

Sounds good, thanks. That swaying is a bit annyoing on my long World Tour legs. And if that isn’t part of the behavior of the real aircraft I happily get rid of it.

Don’t agree.


Let me correct myself. I am not saying it looks bad, it still looks pretty good, but not as good as Carenado for example. I still like the Arrow and especially I really like the interior. It flies well, but so does the Mooney. I am not a real pilot to feel whether it is realistic or not. Right now, I am still not fully convinced it is worth double the price.

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Whether it is worth double the price is a personal call and different for every user. For a casual user that will fly it rarely who spawns on the runway with the engine running and never uses anything more sophisticated than altitude hold - the Carenado is better bang for buck. For someone that will fly it a lot, tends to do cold start full checklists, generates IFR flight plans and potentially maybe even flies a real Arrow the JF is clearly more suitable and worth the money.

Neither style of flying is right or wrong the important thing is work out what YOU will actually (rather than hope or intend to) use it for and choose accordingly.

They are different products with different intended use cases. Neither is “better” they are aimed at different users.


Not a problem. Each to their own. Of course there’s no formula to tell people whether or not a particular plane is worth x amount more than another, it all comes down to personal preference, how much you’ll get out from your chosen add-on etc. There are those who will use our Arrow who would pay way more than they’ve paid for it given the level of detail, the accuracy, the depth etc and there are many Carenado Arrow owners who are more than happy with their purchase and find what they have serves the purpose for them. We never looked at the Carenado Arrow in terms of price to make our decision on price and I’m sure that was reciprocal with Carenado. We simply kept the same price we sold the earlier versions for and we set out GBP price at £29.99. Think the Carenado price is £20 for theirs so not quite double the price but perhaps the fluctuation with other currencies means it’s double in some currencies. We have no control over the various currency prices on the marketplace, we give the product over advise of the dollar price and they then set the other prices so you might see some inconsistencies there, little we can do about it.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your flights!


For what it’s worth… I own all MSFS aircraft released commercially. This includes both Arrows. I am happy with Carenado in terms of the scope of what it strives to provide, but I don’t think one can compare the fidelity of simulation between JF and Carenado. Even though I own both, I choose to fly JF version 90% of the time - it’s currently my favorite low-speed cruiser in the sim. If I have less than 300 NM for the trip, there is no question which aircraft I will fly it with. So, in my OWN opinion, you guys have priced it just right for what the aircraft offers. I just want to thank you for making this beautiful bird available. It really has a lot of character. It represents a totally different era of the aircraft than what Carenado offers and it does it really well. Carenado is not a bad product, but they are known for their great looks and passable simulation where this one may not look at sharp, but it makes up for it in many other areas.


I do follow checklists and start always cold and dark. I do that even with Asobo default planes. Maybe because I always follow them I hardly notice any difference between more or less advance planes. Would arrow start the engine without priming with boost pump and opening slightly the throttle? I do not know really because I always prime the engine in default or add on planes and open the throttle. Follow the procedures basically. Have to try to start without to even see if that is modelled. I also do not know if Carenado would start. I imagine it would while JF Arrow would not?

The only thing that makes a difference is saving the state of the plane. Especially fuel. That is a great feature.

When will this be available in the marketplace?

I think the most recent information is “in a few months, maybe”.
From what I understood, it’s not their priority to get it to the Marketplace right now. So if you’re interested, I’d recommend buying it from them directly.
The installer/updater is very easy and you get the benefit that you can tweak the configuration etc. since the files are not encrypted. Also you get an Email whenever there is an update and you’ll get a discount if you want to buy the Turbo Arrow later as well.

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Ok will get it direct then…
Was also interested in the turbo - again similar question when will this be Available from their store?

When it’s done? :wink:

In a few weeks based on their latest info.