Pa-44 Seminole

I owned the plane but after the update I lost it . It doesn’t appear in the hangar, although the content manager says that is there but with no version. It seems MSFS loaded only the update deleting the model in the same time.
Does anybody knows how to recover it ?

Delete the aircraft from your packages folder and redownload from marketplace…

I had the same problem. Here’s what I did:

  • close MSFS
  • open the Official packages folder (it’s next to the Community folder where you put non-Marketplace mods, so if you know where Community is, just go up one level and pop into Official)
  • go into OneStore under that
  • remove any carenado-pa44-* directory
  • also if there’s a .fspatch or .fsarchive file for the pa44, delete that too
  • restart MSFS
  • open Content Manager
  • re-download PA44

this worked fore me.

This plane is now awful for me following the update. Plane is constantly swinging left and right - even with AP on.

Runs fine for me. Swings to the side on take-off as usual but once you’re in the air it seems to move in a straight line as expected.

shut it all down, change to a different livery and now flies as it did previously. who knows why!!

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Thanks , it worked.
Sorry for being so late to thank you

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