Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 2 of 3: 77S - S03 - O85

During part 1 of this series, I flew in a KitFox, and will continue in this aircraft for this series.

This flight will be one of the most scenic routes I’ve created in quite a while. Rather than using major hubs for takeoff and landings, I’ve chosen smaller airports with lots of mountain valleys, rivers & lakes to fly low and slow over along the way.

Places of interest:
Willamette Valley
Crater Lake
Mount Shasta & more!

Time permitting, I will be adding some Campout scenes from //42 Campout add on and will share the codes once I get that completed.

Total flight length: 304nm

Flight Plans (Hot starts you on the runway, engine running, ready to go. Cold starts you in a parking spot, engine and aircraft off):
Hot: Access via Synology
Cold: Access via Synology
SkyVector Flight Path: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts

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77s is where I got my PPL.

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No freaking way!!! Thats awesome!