Package made..Project deleted..and now what

I made an projekt weeks ago…put all in an package…played…now i have found several places i would repair in the scenery…BUT i deleted my project.

is there an way to get the scenery out of the package so i can edit it…

thx in advance

As far as I know: No. When you build a package everything is compiled into a binary format (I believe). Maybe someday someone will come up with a decompiler but I’d be shocked if one existed already. Unfortunately you’re probably going to have to start from scratch. On the plus side: You know what you’re doing better than when you started and can build it even better the second time :slight_smile:

I seem to have the same issue, where i almost completed my airport and did build the package and dropped it in my community folder, but then forgot the runway / taxiway lights.

I somehow corrupted the original xml file, and when i click on it, nothing happens in the SDK / developer mode on in the sim.

But i do have the package in the MyFSprojects. Its only the xml file that is corrupted

any work around ?